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Athens, Greece

Most people spending only two days in Athens, the ancient classical centre for the arts, learning and philosophy, the home of Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum, birthplace of Socrates, Pericles, Sophocles and democracy, yea even the cradle of Western Civilization, would not spend the second day at a playground.


Most people visiting Athens would not zip over to the nearby Village Cinema complex to use their flash square toilets with automatic watering handbasins.
Most people on their European tour would probably not start the day with a cafe-proportioned (even if not cafe-style) array of Italian toast for breakfast either.

(each piece is about the size of a playing card)

But most people are not travelling with eight children and we are not most people.

Hoping we were not stretching our luck with staying in the same carparks for yet another day, we reverted to shanks’ pony to get along to the beach and accompanying playgrounds.

Leaving everyone else at the park, I headed straight in to suburbia, fairly confidant of being able to find a bakery lurking underneath an apartment block. A butcher, grocer and vege man were also right there within one block. And the bread was good. What it would be to live within walking distance of the services you need.

After a prolonged knitting session for me, fisherman watching and relaxing sitting for Rob, and running round for kids along with a few rounds of “Find The Relic” (in teams they searched for a relic – a stone tied in a eucalyptus leaf – hidden in various parts of the playground), we headed back to see if the vans had been towed, being magnetically drawn first of all, to the millions of euros sitting on the water at the 2004 Olympic Marina. Almost indecent opulence. And not one of them offered to take us for a sail! Most disappointing.

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5 responses to “*most*”

  1. Gran and Pa says:

    You could all fit in one of those pleasure craft no trouble. Buy and leave it moored and we could come and look after it for you.

  2. Fiona Taylor says:

    And if you do go ahead with Gran and Pa’s idea, and need company in that craft, I am sure that the Taylor Tribe of 2+6 could sacrifice a week of missionary life to assist you 🙂 Man, you guys know some generous people, don’t you think??!! hehehe…
    I love the way you do the playgrounds. I am sure that will stay etched in many little people’s minds over the years. Play hard Ayres Bears!!

  3. Pam and Mick says:

    Happy Birthday Jaala.
    We are sure whereever you spend your day you enjoy it.

  4. Bev says:

    Happy birthday Jaala. Yours will be one to really remember this year won’t it?
    Rachel could you let me have the web link to your photos? Most times they don’t come up on my computer when viewing your blog and would love to see them. Thanks & blessings!

  5. cc says:

    helloooo! it’s been a while since i checked your blog what with new baby (he’s already 3 months old can ya believe it????) so now I have only 167 posts to catch up on, lol!

    “what it would be to live within walking distance of the services you need” – yeah, but would you really be buying the bread much? Nothing beats home baked bread, surely – or is that just cos’ I haven’t tasted freshly baked bread from European’s bakeries?

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