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g) souvenirSTORIES

We’re not big consumers, and certainly won’t have much room in our packs for extras, but if we come across the odd thing in our travels that we really want to buy, we will pop in a picture and its story on this page.

We’ve ended up buying a few kitchen things that we will be able to use:
cracker tin (Malaysia), sticky rice basket (Laos), chopsticks (Cambodia), pots!! (Germany) (OK, so they ar eharldy souvenirs in the traditional sense, but we did pick these up at the market and did not want to part with them – we will remember the trip whenever we use them!), oregano tin (Greece), hand carved wooden spoon (Romania).

Chess set (Cambodia), Carcassonne (bought in Germany, but based on the French town we visited), dominoes (Cambodia), cloth ball and rattan ball (Laos)

Crossbow and flute, clothing and patchwork backpack (Thailand) 

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    I’ve read some posts and i like your blog.I’m just starting up my own and only hope that i can write as well , thanks!.

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