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5~ just JUSTICE

what does the Lord require of you? to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God ~ Micah 6:8    

How can we act justly in our day-to-day lives?
These may only be small things, but lots of little things join together to make a way of life.

Don’t buy “sweat shop goods” – buy from Trade Aid and you know your purchase benefits the person who made the item.

Eat at small local places run by people who live in the community you are in.

Walk instead of taking your car, and use the money you save to buy someone a bike.

Don’t buy your weekly chocolate bar and in less than a year you’ll be able to take out a 1% share in a cocoa plantation!

Give your mother a goat for Christmas instead of an ornament she feels compelled to put on show when you visit.

Don’t buy ten takeaways meals and give 500 children nutritious meals instead.

Build a toilet, just because you can!

Buy your books from Good Books if they have them – all their profits go to Oxfam, they’re usually cheaper than anyone else and they deliver to your door for free!

Could your children find four people who would be willing to have a tree planted in their garden? The philanthropic adults could provide the tree of their choice and $5 for labour – let the kids plant the trees and then give the $20 they raise to allow someone else to plant 20 trees in their community.

Or if that’s too hard, maybe the children could do jobs to buy two chickens to give away.

And what about justice on the road?
On this page we’ll be including other ways we find of living justly in our travels.

We wanted to join one of the Mercy Ships for a while, but there were simply too many of us! Maybe there are fewer of you….

We were keen to spend some time with the folks at Wild Hope, but the cost of getting to Africa is looking prohibitive at this stage.

We will, however, be going to work with the folks at Big Brother Mouse in Laos.

And Chumkriel Language School in Cambodia.

Not to mention, Anak Ranch in Mongolia, where the owner is working hard to improve the conditions in a nearby prison

There are lots of volunteer organisations, but many of them seem to charge an arm and a leg for you to *volunteer* (what is it with that?). One exception to the trend is the New Zealand-based Global Volunteer Network. Although we are not going on any of their programmes at the moment, our initial queries received prompt, informative replies. We’re tucking away this website, for future reference!

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5 responses to “5~ just JUSTICE”

  1. Did you really give your mother a goat?

  2. admin says:

    Sure did! (partly at their request – well, they didn’t ask for a goat, they just asked that we give to some worthy cause instead of buying them *stuff*…..and in looking for something to give to, we came across the goat!!!)

  3. What a great idea Rach!

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