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c) how can you afford it?


We have spent the last fourteen years working our butts off, sticking to a strict budget, eating beans, going without, buying second-hand if at all, finding free recreation…..we have paid off the mortgage on our house and while we’re away the rent from it *should* cover insurances and taxes and rates and maintenance and other miscellaneous expenses we cannot imagine, but which have an uncanny habit of cropping up. It will not, however, provide us with any hotel stays or gourmet suppers – we’ll still be eating beans and staying wherever we fit!

We’ve also got qualifications that can be used almost anywhere. So we’ll be able to work to put those beans on the table each night.

The short guide to funding an overseas adventure is:
1) set your goal
2) cut all unnecessary expenses (yes, the more frugally you live, the sooner you’ll be on the go)
3) save whatever is left
4) optional is to get some qualifications
5) book a ticket
6) go
7) when you hit the road, continue the same lifestyle (ie live frugally, travel frugally)
8 ) perhaps get a job somewhere and settle for a time

Of course it is a good idea to have a contingency fund in the bank at home – enough to get you out of wherever you might get into a sticky situation and allow you to live for a month or so upon your return.

(If none of that was helpful, maybe our post written after almost a year on the road will shed more light….. here ’tis

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One response to “c) how can you afford it?”

  1. Rob Daniel says:

    And all the time, just ‘be it’, be whatever it is you’re up for!

    Great advice :o)

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