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i) Nourishment traditions

One of our favourite kitchen books is “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon. In it she documents the way a variety of cultures around the world have nourished their people over the centuries.
Here are some of our “Old Way” nourishing experiences.

Topping fried rice with dried fish and chopped peanuts (Melaka)

Kampar Curry Bread – insert link to post

Pad Thai (Chiang Mai) – linky

Serving a bowl of broth with fried rice (all through Thailand)

Jars of chilli and shallot mix on the table for individual seasoning (Thailand)

Sticky rice (Laos)…soaked the nourishing way!

Rice porridge

Egg (Vientiane) – break into a bowl full of bubbling broth and it cooks beautifully

Fistfuls of mint with fried noodles (Vientiane). Similarly, basil is also used as a vegetable instead of justĀ a flavouring

Dumplings (China)

Noodle soup for breakfast (China) (or lunch or dinner!)

Peanut brownie-type biscuit rolled in chopped peanuts before flattening on baking tray (Beijing)

Rice porridge made with bucketloads (literally) of fresh milk (Mongolia)

Cornish pasties (England)

Mozarella di buffala (Italy)

French bread – the real stuff with real cheese, especially the stretched scamorza

Thin-based wood-fired pizza with minimalistic toppings (Italy)

Apples straight off the tree (Bulgaria)

Every cake in Poland!

Romanian potato bread

(and hopefully baklava and shish kebabs in Turkey in less than a month!)


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