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She was so impressed at the children’s determination to save up enough money to go to Disneyland that one of Rob’s work colleagues gifted them a handmade-by-her-husband-elephant-bank to keep their savings in. Thanks Mrs S!
We considered saving the elephant for the *raising money for South East Asia volunteer projects* and sticking with their glass jar with Mickey Mouse ears for Disneyland…….but the kiddos decided it would be too hard to know which jar to put their pickings into. They’re honest, our kids. I’ve even overheard them murmuring together about “should we put our Disneyland money into the volunteer fund? but we really want to go to Disneyland…..but what about those kids who have never seen a book?……but Disneyland would be so much fun…..oh it’s so hard……”
So for now the Disneyland fund remains the first goal (so farĀ it’s mostly been the entire contents of their piggy banks supplemented by coins scavengedĀ from Coke machines). When they’ve reached that goal, they’re going to throw their hearts and souls into serious fundraising for the projects we’ll be visiting. You should see the plans they have!

In the meantime, there’s a thank you card with moving trunk and flapping ear to complete.

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  1. jen says:

    cool art work

  2. [...] Thanks God for the creativity you send our children with. Thanks for the resources to be able to let that creativity out. Thanks for their wild imaginations. Thanks for big bold brush strokes and carefully crayoned lines. Thanks for the gift that inspired. [...]

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