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Halfway to the beginning….

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Ok ok.. I know. The last thing you want to read is content-less posts about just how tasty that sandwich was at lunch time… BUT hey, what else do you do when you have five hours to kill at Sydney airport and can’t leave? So here I am at a free kiosk, with Centrepoint tower to our left out the window, visions of the opera house snuck out of the plane window as we landed fading in memory (or is that just lack of sleep?).  Anyway, we had a smooth flight in – well, it was in terms of the kids’ behaviour – but plenty of turbulence to keep them excited!

Oh – and you may have noticed… from now there will be more than one blog-er on this blog ! So from now, we will just let you know who is penning at the beginning of the post (altho I think you will easily tell my posts apart from the true word-smith of the family!)

Anyway, I promise no more “here we are in an airport with nothing to tell you” posts! Signing out – Rob!

PS – Grandpa managed to get rid of a fair wad of Aussie $$ on a bag-full of Darryl Lea peanut brittle and biscuits – despite the fact we have a bag of goodies anyway! “For Rach,” he said…..  Yeah right! Ah well, I’m not complaining.

apparently Sydney

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Apparently…..if you spend less than 24 hours in Sydney, you don’t pay departure tax.
Apparently you can get from the International Terminal to Circular Quay, which is just a very short walk from the Opera House, in about 20 minutes on the train.
Apparently a return ticket would cost $20.40 for an adult, $14.60 for the first child between the ages of 5 and 16, and then all other children would be free. That’s one time when lots of kids is good!!!
Apparently it’s even better value for the pensioner – just $12.10

If our flight isn’t late and it’s a nice day, we might just see if all this is true.
Watch this space.