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birds-n-bees bulgaria: Random unRelated obseRvations

Biser, Bulgaria

A black cloud swoops across the sky and delicately separates into three different strands, each taking its own direction before rejoining into one shimmering mass of darkness again. It’s a flock of hundreds of birds, preparing for migration. We’ve never witnessed this before – is it because we do not live near such a number of migratory birds, or is it because we have not taken the time?

On the first of March everyone gives everyone plaited red-n-white martinitsa (think something that looks like a bracelet and corn husk dolls). They are kept somewhere safe. Waiting. On the first day the storks are seen returning, they are hung in the trees. Everyone does it. Connected to the seasons and the natural rhythms of life.


Mboy7 was intrigued at the holes in the rocks near Farmer Ivan’s orchard. Martin, our driver, was quick to inform him they are the “nests” of sandmartins. Two days later, when returning to the orchard, Teacher Martin gave an impromptu test: Who lives in those holes? It took half a second for Mboy7 to declare, “Sandmartins! That’s easy. I just remember it was Martin who told us and the rocks look sandy.”

Sandmartins, storks, swallows, crows, eagles, parrots, owls….(and would it be wrong to include bats? they do fly, you know)…..there’s no shortage of birdlife – or at least evidence of it – at this time of year.

So that’s the birds. How about the bees? Not all, but most inhabited houses in Biser have their own beehives. Just like these ones belonging to our “next door neighbour” just across the fence.

And nothing to do with either birds or bees….we were making the curry for dinner when Martin rang to see if we’d like to go to the pizza place for dinner. The curry will wait! The pizzas were as good as the other day, as good as Italian ones even.
And then we went to the annual fair, which has just opened in Harmanli.

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2 responses to “birds-n-bees bulgaria: Random unRelated obseRvations”

  1. skatey katie says:

    check out those ice creams!!!!!!!
    were they all lined up for The Bears???
    mmmmm X

  2. nova says:

    never mind the icecreams, i’ll have that giant bouffant of candyfloss!! (blatant abuse of language, but seemed an appropriate collective noun nonetheless! 😉 )

    *love* the corn husk dolls!!

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