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another thumbs up

No, we hadn’t been planning on going to Laos; in fact, we were going to head south from Bangkok. But a colleague at Rob’s work told him about a project there that captured our hearts. So we emailed, trying not to get our hopes up too much. Our restraint was unwarranted:

Thanks for the inquiry and your enthusiasm. certainly
for the two of you (parents), with your backgrounds,
there would be many ways to help.

The kids could all fit in somewhere, including the
language practice as you suggest, but perhaps just a
few hours a day for the older ones, and less for the
younger ones, so you’d need to think about what they
would do if you were volunteering. (We have a play
time for kids, 5-7 pm weekdays, that would be suitable
for some of them – mostly it’s local kids, about 5-10
years old.)

Looks like we’ll head north before going south.

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