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Lest we forget

Istanbul, Turkey via the Gallipoli Peninsula


Impressions from the peninsula:

* the sheer number of cemeteries sprinkled along the coast

* the rugged countryside

* the mud in the trenches (trying to clean shoes before getting back into the cars
   seared this fact into the kids’ minds more than any written description ever will)

* the grand monuments

* loneliness, honour, freedom, courage, sadness, loss

* that this is our history

And then we drive the 350km back to Istanbul around the peninsula. Long straight roads, distinctive housing different to the other three days of this mini road trip (colours very similar to Provence, but deeper – coral, burgundy, olive, salmon, teal, mustard; semi-detached houses with yards), army tanks, the sea, rolling hills, yet another beautiful sunset.
We drive into Istanbul at rush-hour, blatting along at 120km/hr trying not to lose each other in the impatient lane-changing traffic, and knowing that we are running half an hour late – I knew I wasn’t enjoying it, but upon our arrival even Rob exclaimed, “That was so stressful”!! Stressful, yes, but also a bit of an adventure adrenaline surge!

Please excuse the lack of information about Gallipoli….the author is still in recovery mode and it took every ounce of energy to not crawl into bed, but stay up and put together some collages instead – the text is bonus, considering the circumstances <wink>

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