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words do not describe

Meteora, Greece

neither monks-n-nuns nor monasteries nor mountains nor magnificence

the approach along a long straight road across the plain

how did we get this shot? posed the kids off to one side of him and snapped quickly!

This monastery was used for filming the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only. Built in 1475 it has been remodelled many times, most recently in 1792! A more recent addition has been stairs cut in to the face of the rock to allow access – now that the Turks are not threatening to invade, the monks do not feel the need to keep a ladder that can be pulled up as the only form of approach (they also have their cage hanging from the wire now too – you can just see the wire passing in front of, but deceptively far away from another rock, in the picture)

A few words are needed to say how cool it was to see handcopied manuscripts of Aristotle’s work, the first music notation, books dating back to 1499….

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4 Responses to “words do not describe”

  1. Fiona Taylor says:

    Isn’t it breathtaking! I love those monasteries up on the rocks. How on EARTH do you build something like that soooo long ago without today’s conveniences. It makes my head spin (as does the height!)
    Great photo of ‘the kids posing’!! Very creative thinking I must say.

  2. Anastasia says:

    Oh my!! I am loving reading your posts on Greece! Makes me wish I was there! And your photos of Meteora brought back memories of when I was 7 and travelled there with my family :) I think we went up one with steps carved in the sides. And I remember the bells too!

    Beautiful photos! :)

  3. nova says:

    wow. just wow…

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