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Saturday, July 17th, 2010

A few people have emailed to ask how we’re doing. Funny, these relationships-that-really-are-relationships-even-though-we’ve-never-met.

Anyway, the answer is………

The kids are loving being home. They enjoy having books to read, bikes to ride, trees to climb and friends to play with. They also enjoy knowing what’s going to happen on a given day and not having to share a bed or sleep on the floor. If asked if they would like to take another trip, they answer in the affirmative, sometimes with the proviso that it is only for six months.

The Dadda is also pleased to be home. He switched jobs soon after arriving back and is enjoying the stimulating and challenging environment he finds himself in. Occasionally he asks,”Who wants to go to Malaysia for a roti canai?”

The Mama is not discontent, but she is unsettled. She saw things that made her question how she is living and she is struggling with coming to terms with what that means for here and now. She questions lots and has found few answers.
She has also been collecting past experiences and putting them here. When that project is done, she’ll really want some answers.

Oh, and we should tell you, we found the perfect little piece of paradise…..ten acres that exceeded our expectations. But we were not peaceful about buying it, and so we didn’t. Crazy, but the right thing to do. We haven’t seen another piece like it since.
Maybe we’re meant to go and live in an Indian slum!