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1~ about us

the grandpa:

the parents: you can see us up in that photo above 😉

the girls:

the boys:

When we got back in 2010:


Family June 2012_25_DxO

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15 responses to “1~ about us”

  1. Leigh says:

    I have been meaning to have a read of this site for ages now – and since Grant is fast asleep, and I am wide awake it seemed a good time.
    What an increcible journey – I am so excited for you (and slightly terrified…although I always am at the thought of the unknown). Very interesting reading about all your prep (I didn’t expect anything less), just one question – why the Iron under electronics – I would have thought being in the middle of Asia would be the perfect excuse for getting out of the ironing…! 😉
    Look forward to reading more.

  2. Debbie Jones says:

    Great to hear about your adventure. I am American, I am married to a New Zealander and we have 5 kids. Our kids have been born on 3 continents. We have called many places home. We are presently in the Orkney Isles in U.K. and our planning our own round the world adventure. My husband and I met on a ship, giving away books with a mission group for 2 years. We lived in a tent for 6 months in America before we were given a Winnabego that we lived in for 2 years. We left that and went to Europe where we have been living in bricks and morter since 2000 (Scotland, Switzerland and Czech Republic). I love it that my kids know different cultures. I love it that they dont need stuff to be happy. I love it that they are excited about our next chapter too. My Elizabeth is writing an article for the school newspaper about our breakdowns around the world. She says they were her favourite times. Go figure. I look forward to hearing more. Blessings on your family and your journey.

  3. rayres says:

    Hi Debbie,
    Nice to meet you. We are always inspired to hear of others’ adventures.
    Have to ask – are you YWAMers or OMers? 😉 Or perhaps Mercy Shippers I suppose!

  4. anne wooster says:

    Hi To you all
    Have just found your site ,fascinating reading ,loved the photos!!
    Hope you are all feeling better ,& the tummies have recovered !!
    Take care ,
    love Anne Wooster & family

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  6. Karen says:

    Well, to say that I am amazed to find your site is a bit of an understatement. This is awesome, and I hope to visit here and read thru all your writings.
    We are celebrating our 23rd Anniversary today, expecting our 10th baby sometime in the fall, and are presently on a bit of an Abramic journey. We left our house in Sept 07 and drove across Canada with our youngest 7 (of 9) and lived on Cape Breton for a year. We (all of us, including our eldest 2 dc) are presently in Arizona hanging out with a Christian ministry, but since we don’t have any special visa for staying here in the USA, we are heading out of the country sometime in April. We assumed at first that we’d return to Canada, but not so sure about that anymore. We are considering travelling more, and birthing this next child in another country. We have nothing to go back to Canada for really, other than family. We’ve given most of our stuff away, and are on a journey to God-only-knows.
    All the sites I’ve found about traveling families of course are much smaller than yours and ours, so I will definitely be checking yours out. I’m sure I can learn lots from you. Blessings

  7. Sean says:


    I could not find an email contact, so decided to leave a comment.

    We just wanted to drop you a note to say that we enjoy your website/blog and thank you for sharing your personal story and travel adventures.

    We also wanted to introduce ourselves. We are Sean, Gina, Grant, and Genevieve (Gigi) and our blog tracks our travels in Latin America for the past year and our decision to change our family’s lifestyle.

    Anyway, we just wanted to connect with kindred spirits – a small but seemingly growing group – and let you know how much we enjoy reading about your adventures.

    Safe Travels…

    The Lannins

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  9. Del says:

    Wow! We were thinking about packing up our 2 small kids and taking a trip around Aus, but what you guys are doing is just amazing! Congrats and good luck! I’ll be following your progress closely!

  10. Lou Juggins says:

    Hi Everyone
    I believe your grandpa bear is Joe Ayres, and I have just been reunited with him, through Facebook, after 53 years. Apart from a couple of days we served together for three years notably at RAF Jurong until I was demobilised in 1956. I was on holiday at Penang with him in March 1956 just before we were both promoted to Corporal. I came home to England but he stayed in order to go to NZ. I had a postcard from him when he made a second visit to Penang and I’m guessing that’s where he met his wife. Your grandpa was a very good friend to me amd I am delighted we are talking again. Look after him he’s special
    Lou Juggins once nicknamed “Horse”.

  11. Darcy says:

    I’ve got to say – the most inspiring part of this post is the last comment! I love hearing peoples stories like these.

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  13. Mamoo from Bootsnall says:

    Rachel, So funny…was one Bootsnall way back when watching you plan your Round the World “in two years” and I hoped for seven. Here in 2013 it ends up we were both on the Camino at the same time (I was in ST Jean as you all were starting I think)…and now I too am on the Camino forums planning a repeat Camino with atleast three of my oldest kiddos. All will probably join us for a bit of it BUT three oldest (14-12-10 will be 15-13-11) are planning Le Puy late Aug early Summer departure 2014!!!!!!! Actually we just tried on packs today for the kiddos. Anywho was on the forum and saw your news. Small chance we will do from Cluny, we are planning three months almost to the day.
    So funny how our paths seems to almost cross 1/2 way around the world 🙂
    North Carolina, USA

  14. rayres says:

    Imagine if we were to actually meet!!!!! Must get a forum badge organised!

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