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Thai Bird Flu Scare

When I first read about the Bird Flu thats going around in Thailand and environs, I totally freaked out and got scared. After thinking about it and reading more, I think the danger is very small for tourists like us.

First of all, the flu cannot jump from person to person (yet). So unless we are chilling with chickens we should be okay. The only way you get it is from their saliva, feces, or breath (In lay terms: spit and poop.) So I guess to be safe I’m going to not eat chicken there…which is a real bummer since I like chicken a lot.

Secondly, we probably aren’t going to get REAL far off the tourist trail, especially since Thailand is packed with tourists now and the backpacking infrastructure is pretty good. So again, we shouldn’t be frollicking with fowl.

I also read that some monks were murdered in Southern Thailand by some Muslim extremists. (The population there is more Muslim than the north). This is scary because anything that sounds remotely like terrorism or includes the words “Muslim extremists” scares the poop outta any American. We don’t plan to go that far south.

Whenever I start to freak out and worry (which I do a LOT) I read other people’s experiences there and how they were totally fine and didn’t even know there was danger because they were never faced with anything dangerous at all. I just need to chill.


3 responses to “Thai Bird Flu Scare”

  1. Carl says:

    Yep, stay away from all birds when you’re there – just to be sure!

  2. kelly says:

    I guess I won’t be buying any live chickens from street markets…

  3. Leigh says:

    I posted this on your other blog, too, but I’ll post it here again anyhow–I just read an article in the Times that now they’re thinking it’s spread through migratory birds. Sheesh. And, like I said on the other blog–don’t let any poop on your head!

    (that happened to me in Venice!) (: