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One Day Left

We leave TOMORROW.

Today I had to drive to Long Island to pick up new lenses for my glasses. I had to go alone since Jim was busy. I totally dreaded it because I had no idea how to get there and I always get lost whenever I go somewhere new. But the trip actually turned out to be okay and it was nice to have a drive around before leaving…although I did get lost in the Bronx for old times’ sake.

I realized when I was going over the Whitestone Bridge that there are good things about New York.

While going over the bridge, I was amazed at the awesome view of Manhattan along with the majestic bridge in front of me. Planes were flying right by overhead and I even saw one of the light green ones (Song I think?). It was pretty awesome.

I can’t believe we leave tomorrow It doesn’t seem real. I’m scared. I need to pack right now.


4 responses to “One Day Left”

  1. Carl says:


  2. Leigh says:

    Have a WONDERFUL time! I look forward to updates and details!

  3. jenny says:

    have fun! and be safe!

  4. Jennifer P says:

    Hey Kelly,
    Have a fun and great trip from all of us at Starwood! Keep us updated with funky pictures.