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Little ol’ Ko Tao

After the Full Moon Party on Ko Phan-gan, we went to Ko Tao. It is the smallest of the 3 islands and the least developed. We rented a motorbike and cruised down the main road, and by main, I mean, the ONLY paved road on the island.

As the end of the road was a pretty neat view of an island that is connected to Ko Tao by a sandbar. But then it was just a steep dirt trail and we couldn’t go any farther. I remember there were lots of cool butterflies around.

So we drove back and tried to make it to another beach. But the road turned into dirt and we tried to make it, but it was becoming evident that the bike was a big pain. These roads were either too steep, to sandy or too rocky to possibly drive over with two people without dying.

We left the bike on the top of a hill and walked the rest of the way to a tiny and quite secluded beach, with waves crashing on the rocks. It was also becoming clear that we weren’t going to be using the snorkels we had rented since the waves we crazy. This was a big disappointment because Ko Tao is supposed to have awesome underwater sights.

Jim went on a dive the next day and had the same problem with the water and he didn’t see much. While he was gone I read an entire book called “Thai Lite’ and it wasn’t very funny like it was supposed to be.

We did have a great meal at a place called Del Sol. It cost more than normal but I had a bunch of meats with melted mozzarella cheese and potatoes and bread. Very unusual and not Thai at all. They hardly ever eat cheese.

Ko Tao was very cute and nice and I wish the weather had been better since it rained a bit. There were all sorts of beautiful restaurants by the water, made out of wood and bamboo, but they didn’t look rickety or dirty. Very rustic, but also hip and clean. And at night it is very dark and they lights in the restaurants light up the places and it just looks so cool.

I have to go, but remind me to tell you about the BBQ dinner with the dogs.

[ *Note from months later. Ok, I finally got to tell the story. We went to eat BBQ at an outdoor restaurant. Even though it was outdoor, it was a wooden floor and had a roof and wasn’t like, completely open. There were a bunch of the NASTY, disgusting, diseased and so-skinny-the-bones-are-showing dogs walking around everywhere RIGHT next to everyone’s tables. It was revolting and actually made me lose my appetite because you can’t even understand how sad and gross these dogs are. I literally had to put a bottle on the table in front of me in the line of sight to the dog. Don’t get me wrong, it is sad that these dogs are starving, but I AM TRYING TO EAT. We were very upset that the owners didn’t even attempt to get these dogs away. So finally Jim tried to shoo one away. THEN, we saw a girl and guy sitting at a table next to us, dirty hippies, and the girl reached down and started FEEDING one of the dogs!!! I could NOT believe it! Seriously, I can’t explain I was so pissed. She totally saw us trying to get them to go away. Grr!!]

Jim and the dogs.


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