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I Found Nemo (Part II)

So. We stayed on Ko Phi Phi. The beaches and scenery from the island is just incredible. phiphi3.jpg
Walking on the path along the coast. Lots of touristy shops…

The first day we decided we wanted to go to a beach called Long Beach, but we didn’t want to pay for the boat ride so we tried to walk. We started on the beach, then had to crawl over huge, huge rocks. It was tons of fun. So we kept going and going, and we could see crabs scurrying on the rocks. We went really far and then there was a trail up a hill, and it was SUPER steep, I mean we were holding on to tree branches and stuff trying not to fall. Then we rounded the corner and there was the beach!! We rented snorkels (The tube on mine was held on with a rubber band!) and the snorkeling was ok. After a long time we took a boat back and debated where to have dinner.

There was tons of nice places with tables right on the beach and in the sand, practically. We decided on a place that was sort of like a tree house, and I had brown curry, which was good. Jim got a seafood spaghetti that was just spaghetti with a few shrimps and a nasty spicy catsup on it. He couldn’t even finish, it was so gross.

After the dinner debacle, we walked around some more, probably got a banana pancake, and chilled. I think Jim bought a bottle of beer and we walked on the beach in the dark. It was very peaceful, even though there were some mangy cats following us around.

The next day, we wanted to go to Monkey Bay, since all the pictures of it show people on the beach and monkeys everywhere! We went to one of the millions of travel agents and we rented a longtail boat and driver for 4 hours for 800 baht, which is $20. We first took us to Maya Bay, on the other island, then Monkey Bay. The fact that we basically got a whole boat and driver for that cheap, to basically take us where and when we wanted to go, was awesome. However, longtails are quite uncomfortable and very noisy, so don’t get the wrong idea! :p


Now, being in that boat, with just me and Jim, chugging along at a medium speed through crystal clear water, perfect skies, and huge, awesome, rocky cliffs jutting up next to us was the best part of the entire trip so far. It was awsome. I can’t wait to show you the pictures. After a while, we got to Maya Bay and and the water is so amazingly clear you can see everything and even fish swimming by. We did some snorkeling, although there wasn’t really much to see. The Bay was beautiful and there weren’t TOO many people around–we missed the tours, I guess. The only fun part of snorkeling was that there were HUGE schools of small silver fish, and you could go right up to them and practically stare at this wall of silver fish and be RIGHT there with them.


Pic: this gives you an idea of the water clarity.. and this water isn’t that shallow.

After that, it was a long boat ride to Monkey Bay. As we pulled up, I looked hard to see monkeys, and alas, there were none to see. It turns out, though, that the snorkeling there was Spectacular!!! Just a few feet off the beach was TONS and TONS of all different types of fish, big ones, tiny ones, ultra-colorful ones!!! It was GREAT! I could have stayed all day, if it wasn’t getting a little chilly since the sun was going doing over the cliff.

Then….. WE SAW CLOWN FISH!!!!! Little clown fish rubbing their little bodies on an anenome! Just the other day I asked Jim if he haw them scuba diving and he said no, then we saw them!! They were super cute.

The weirdest fish we saw was a dark blue with evenly spaced white-ish dots on it, and sort of orangish fins. It was sort of big and really fat looking. The weirdest thing ever.

A day earlier I had been looking through a book about fish and saw one that I told Jim looked like the American flag, like it had red stripes and blue dots. Then I think we saw it when we were snorkeling!! The whole thing was super fun, and every second you saw more and more different and colorful fish… I was kicking myself so much for not having bought an underwater camera. It was awesome.


Finally we boated back to our home base and I made sure Jim picked a restaurant he wanted since yesterday’s food was so bad. So we went to one of the restaurants that has it’s fresh fish sitting outside on an icy display. Jim got white snapper that he said was good, and I had a yellow chicken curry that was not good at all. DOH!

The next morning, after our huge breakfast, we took the boat back to Phuket Town bus station and immediately got on a bus for Ranong, a town right on the border with Burma (Myanmar) to renew our visas. The ride was VERY long, about 6 hours, but at least we had a nice bus witha LITTLE bit of air conditioning, and an American movie playing with Thai dubbing.


2 responses to “I Found Nemo (Part II)”

  1. Rhonda says:

    I told the boys you said hi to Nemo for them! Stay away from sharks . . . they’re not ‘friends’.
    I’ll write more later shark bait.
    Love you.

  2. kelly says:

    Hi sister!!! Nemo was so cute, cuter than the other fish, honestly. The place Jim is scuba-ing tomorrow has whale sharks. Yikes!! Love you and miss you !!