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Full Moon Party (Part II)

So I told you about the hotel and what it was like in Ko Phan-gan. We made our way down to Hat Rin the day before the party and found that the beach was actually pretty nice! The waves were quite big and we had a ball standing in the water and getting hit by waves and jumping through them.

There were tons of big bars along the beach and we could only imagine how crazy it got on party night!

We watched quite a few movies there (in cafes), since we were just waiting for the dang party. Jim watched one while I got my second Thai massage. It was good, but I need a deeper one, one where they push so hard it almost hurts.

The night of the party, we headed to Hat Rin around 10 o’clock. Everyone was buying these small plastic buckets that came with some bottles of alcohol, like a rum, coke, and Red Bull, for example.

Anyway, there really isn’t much to tell. Several of the big bars on the beach blasted crappy music (2 played bad techno, another had like speed garage, and another played random stuff that was ok, including an ABBA medley, obviously for the Swedes, and then Men At Work….you get the idea. Cheesy.)

Lots of people were dancing and drinking and some were lying on the sand and the waves went over your feet sometimes and there were tons of bottles and garbage everywhere. And that was it. The Full Moon Party wasn’t that big of a deal, just a ton of people on the beach, drinking. I’ve sure if you wanted to do or see more crazy stuff, it would be easy… but we didn’t see any of that.

See what happens when your friends don’t take care of you when you’re drunk? This guy was right in the middle of everyone on the beach. Ha!

The best part of the night was when we first got there and walked down the beach to where it was more empty, we found a little stretch of nice sand under a palm tree and laid down, since we were both sleepy. The weather was perfect and the sand was nice, and I think we actually both fell asleep for a little while, outside on the nice sand. That part was really neat.

The next day we took a boat to Ko Tao.

Did I mention the bungalow had AMAZING club sandwiches!


2 responses to “Full Moon Party (Part II)”

  1. don says:

    K.O., am back from Mexico. Envied the clear water shots from your end; Pacific-side Mexican waters are pretty roiled, but lot’s of big waves. Got bored after two weeks of not working; can only malinger for so long. Read a couple of books, one I couldn’t put down – A Gathering of Saints. Started reading a history of Western Literature – pretty good.

    Take Care

  2. kelly says:

    Hi Don, glad you had fun and glad you ae jealous. just kidding. since I’ve got the thailand guidebook memorized, i started reading too. i’ll post about it. almost bought that code book.. da vincis code thingy. Man this keyboard is awful!!