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Clearest water ever!

Wednesday, June 16th, 2004

On the 1 hour slow ferry over, I slept the whole time.

When we arrived, it was beautiful, like Rarotonga with the lush mountains. Again we wandered around looking for an info desk, and still, NOTHING. There were places where you could get rental cars and tickets on the ferry, but that was it. Finally, in frustration, I said let’s walk to the airport because there is supposed to be an info desk.

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Ou est les information: Tahiti without a Plan

Monday, June 14th, 2004

(Yeah, I know I didn’t spell that right or with the correct accents or whatever….)

Like I said, we got to Tahiti at around 2:30 AM.

It is weird to me that one dot in the Pacific Ocean sounds like Kiwis (New Zealanders) and another sounds like the French! We weren’t mentally prepared for another language, since it had been months since we’d had to deal with it.

Anyway, it would have been nice to have a bed to sleep in in Tahiti, but combined with the fact that it is super expensive, we decided to rough it out and sleep on the floor. There were a bunch of other people trying it too. Jim said it was like a commune. I didn’t even know he took this picture.


I had no idea a floor was SO hard to sleep on!! Ouch!

Beforehand, we tried to find an info desk but there was nothing. I even asked a shop owner guy in French and he thought I actually spoke French. That was cool. But he said there was no information. So travel tip: Don’t arrive in Tahiti without a hotel, transportation and all that good stuff. But it makes sense, how many people who don’t have package vacations already show up in Tahiti??

So I tried to sleep but I don’t know if I did. I think Jim stayed up the whole time. At around 5:30 AM we got up and put the luggage in storage. We looked for more information and the situation was getting more difficult. Finally we went outside and hopped on a cruddy little bus to the center of town. On first glance, it was not a nice place! You think Tahiti and you think beautiful paradise…well, Papeete was dirty and even seedy in areas!! As the sun rose, we could see the mountains of Tahiti and in the distance over the water, the peaks of Moorea.

The info center there was still closed and everything else was, too. Fortunately, the offices for the ferries were there. So we bought a ferry ticket to Moorea!