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The Zoo & more

Friday, February 6th, 2004

Today we went to the Singapore Zoo, and it was awesome. I liked it better than the Bronx Zoo. It was smaller, but the animals were RIGHT there, peacocks and roosters walking on the sidewalks…monkeys jumping around so close you could reach out and touch them. They used natural boundaries most of the time (like moat type things), instead of glass walls and chain fences and cages. And there was hardly anyone else there, so that made it even better. I absolutely loved it. Jim got some great pics that I can’t wait to put up, including us feeding an elephant.


By the elephant, a worker held up a basket of fruit to me, and I was like, “No, I don’t want any fruit. No thanks.” And I was really confused of why he was offering me fruit in the zoo. Then I finally realized he was offering it to me to feed the elephant. DUH.

Jim chillin’ with a ring-tailed lemur

Me with Monkeys

Later we plan to go to this exhibit called BODY WORLDS. This guy, Prof. Gunther von Hagens, used REAL human cadavers to make an …uh.. exhibit. Jim wants to go and I guess it would be interesting for sure. (note: Jim ended up going and I didn’t)

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we fly to Bangkok. I am not ready; I haven’t read a thing in the guidebook yet!! All I know is that it won’t be as awesomely efficient, clean, and organized as Singapore. And it is slightly hotter, unfortunately. Yeah, it’s incredibly humid here. But the locals wear pants and even long sleeve shirts. It’s amazing that they are used to it. It’s VERY HOT.

We ate Indian food yesterday and it was SOO spicy but delicious… and no tummy pain! by the way, ice cream cones at McDonalds are 25 cents, so about 14 cents US!

My ‘net time is up. Remind me to tell you about the little guy who talked to us the other day by the pay phone.

NOTE ADDED MONTHS LATER (Aug 13): I was looking thru pics of the zoo, and I remembered something I didn’t post. It was about the Coolest Monkey Ever. At the chimp area (I think) there was one industrious monkey who found a piece of rope hanging off their jungle gym-type thing. He grabbed the rope and then swung around on it. I think he also twisted it, so when he swung, it spun him around. It was the funniest thing ever!! THEN, he twisted the rope so it was taut, put the rope in his mouth, and let it spin him in circles like that! Ha!
Ok, nevermind. I could never explain it as funny and cute as it was.

Needles Through Flesh: Singapore Thaipusam

Wednesday, February 4th, 2004

Don’t worry, I’ll get to the needle part…

To continue what I was writing in the last post– we had a local fruits night, where we tried jackfruit, pomelo, mangosteen and the famous durian. I thought it was so awesome to try new things. The mangosteen was the best and looks like this: this. To open it, you have to hold in between the …what is that called… the lower part of your palms, and you squeeze firmly and it pops open. Inside is a white fruit that is shaped like garlic but tastes very nice!

Yesterday we went to Orchard Road, which is a main shopping area. We also went to the Embassy to try to sort out my credit card issue since my wallet was lost. We walked all stinking day and my feet were killing me. Later I found two nice big ripe blisters. Want to see that again? RIPE BLISTERS. Yum!

So last night was the Thaipusam festival. It was …..WOW. In a word: overwhelming. Thaipusan is a Hindu festival where people stick needles and skewers through their skin.  READ ON!
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My Tummy Hurts Already

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