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The Route

here is a quasi-complete list of the places i intend to visit on my trip. there isn’t necessarily an order of magnitude, nor am i omitting the possibility of straying from this path (this is VERY likely to happen), however i think this is more or less the way i’m going to roll around the globe, starting from my beautiful home (which i anticipate i will miss terribly, along with those friends i leave behind) city, san francisco.

united arab emirates
new zealand

i’ll update more as i near my departure date 2/1/08. so far the only reservation i’ve made is for lodging in trinidad, which i had to do somewhat in advance since it will be Carnival when i am there. besides that, it’s all up in the air and i plan to make MANY on the fly decisions along the way of what to do, where to go, and who to go with.

the point of this journey, really, is to leave all of my prior knowledge of convention and convenience behind and to begin to see the world through different eyes. i look forward to a 180 degree shift in perspective. that kind of change in perspective seems like a decent way to fully realize and appreciate all of the different places in the world accessible (legal or not) to americans, and to open myself up to new cultures, food, ideas, philosophies and traditions. granted, i won’t be able to experience every corner of the globe that i would like to on this trip. i will, however, cover a good portion of it and, at the very least, pique my curiosity enough to set myself up for another odyssey when i return from this one. it may take years to get there, but once the travel bug is firmly embedded in my brain, i suspect there will be no turning back. that, and the posts will become generally funnier as i get used to keeping an online journal.

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3 responses to “The Route”

  1. amylu says:

    go and be your own one woman “be-in”, ever since we first were reading Paul n Jane Bowles age 20, i knew you’d make it to Morocco~enjoy the lull of the road, the railings of the tracks, the shift of the sun and moon on the lattitutes, longitudes. excited to be reading your blogs…lots of blessings on your sojourn.
    boots onward.

  2. admin says:

    ok, so peru is now officially out for this trip. it’s just too big & pricey and i honestly think i’ll run out of clams by the time i get there. what i will do is keep south america in its entirety on the top of Must Go To’s for the next trip, and hopefully spend a goodly amount of time there – 3-6 months – and cover a bunch of it.
    it’s a bummer i can’t go this time, but it’s really for the best at this time.

  3. julie green says:

    Oh lady, I’m so very excited for you! Please blog often and keep us posted on your goings on! The Canival Costume is AB FAB!!!nrnrBring along a copy of the Celestine Prophesy and you’ll have a guide book!nrnrMuchos Bessos me ammichi!!!!nrnrJulie Ghoulie

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