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the end of the road

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

well dear friends, i’m rapidly approaching the end of the road of this great odyssey. there are just 4 days left before i will be landing on familiar (relatively) terra firma once again.  my plane departs denpasar international airport at about 16.40 on janurary 19 and i will, shiva willing, land at LAX about 4 hours later on the same day. incredible to travel around the whole planet and yet it only takes 4 hours! this is a little delusion, of course, as i am well aware that the other 2o hours i’ll spend in transit will not be a figment of my imagination only. at any rate i have no less than utter trepidation about my imminent return. there is much to do and think about for my future and i am steadfastly denying all of those thoughts for the moment and plan to continue to do so well after my arrival back into the US, at least as long as i can get away with it. on the up-side, i do look forward to seeing some faces i have not seen in quite a few moons, and this gives me much happiness. still, the faces i’m leaving behind for some more moons, quite probably, cause me no shortage of sadness and despair. if my emotions are this mixed NOW, before i even leave bali, what do you reckon my state of mind will be when i get off the plane?

i know i got lazy on the egypt entry and also omitted quite a bit of tanzania that i’ve been meaning to share. perhaps those days were too profound or too personal to put down into a public/private blog. maybe i’ll get around to putting something down for those of you still interested in ME ME ME after i return and collect my thoughts and select the appropriate words. or, maybe i’ll just keep those thoughts for the memoirs…

as they say here on the island i’ve been marooned on these 2 1/2 months, salamat jalan dear travellers. bon voyage. bien viaje. see all you fine folks back in the good ole yoo ess of ayy.


Sunday, December 21st, 2008

i would like to take a moment to wish you, dear readers, and all of you a very, very happy holiday season. whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year, i sincerely hope it’s filled with love, happiness and good cheer (and plenty of GOOD WINE, for those of you who indulge in such luxuries…i get none where i am now; bali is not known for its GOOD WINE and this does sadden me deeply, if you must know). be careful on the roads too. there are lots of maniacal nutters out there!

peace, love & good wishes to all my friends and family wherever you may be! until next time…

your humble narrator.

i’ll have some sambal with that please

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
today in bali it's fairly hot. i have sought shelter in the internet cafe to catch up on email and whatnot. i am currently shacked up in a bamboo bungalow in the coastal village of Amed, which is really a few ... [Continue reading this entry]