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a holiday in cambodia

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

greetings, dear readers, from hanoi. in case you never knew, hanoi rock – so much so that a heavy metal band named themselves this very thing, “hanoi rocks”. hanoi is in northern vietnam. it rained here today, the first rain i’ve seen since the first of february when i was in trinidad and the lights went out.

ahem…let’s go back to leaving luang prabang, shall we? yes let’s. so i caught a laos air flight to bangkok from luang prabang (nice, small, mellow airport not unlike huatulco’s) rather than deal with the treacherously long and winding road back south through laos to thailand or the other way over to cambodia and more, probably worse, roads. before all that happened, however, i have a sweet story to tell about some farm kids in laos, an iPod and a band called belle & sebastian.
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