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i’ll have some sambal with that please

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

today in bali it’s fairly hot. i have sought shelter in the internet cafe to catch up on email and whatnot.

i am currently shacked up in a bamboo bungalow in the coastal village of Amed, which is really a few villages not just one. the view is nice – palm and other trees, black sand, the beach a few feet from my veranda. there are bugs and geckos and some funny dogs and cats running around looking for handouts. i’m not sure they like their curry very spicy. maybe they do…they are balinese, after all.

the diving here is superb as well. there is a shipwreck about an hour away by motorbike submerged just a few meters beneath the surface. the ship, “liberty”, an american vessel, met its watery end in 1965 and since then she has been host to a variety of colorful coral and undersea life. also, down the road the other direction about 15 minutes by motorbike is another wreck, this time a japanese vessel that met its underwater destiny during WWII. she is only a few meters beneath the surface as well and is easily explored from the surface with just a snorkel and some imagination. the japanese wreck is far more deteriorated than the “liberty” but fascinating wildlife swarming in and around it nonetheless.

one thing i can say for sure about bali: the nasi goreng with an egg on it is top notch. this is fried rice with vegetables for those of you not in the know. i’ve always been a big fan of fresh asian food but for some reason or other i’m particularly fond of indonesian, especially of the balinese variety, vittles. i don’t even have to mention the seafood…i live by the sea; there are fisherman out here each morning in their catamarans searching the local waters for the freshest, tastiest snapper, mahi mahi, tuna and other goodies and i don’t have to walk far in this tropical heat to get it slapped on top of my plate.

i’ll have some sambal with that please…and a giant, icy cold bintang beer, thanks. make that 2 bintangs, please. makasih buuu. 😉