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when the rain comes, they run and hide their heads

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

first off, sorry folks for all of the profanity in the previous post. i sometimes wonder how it is that i can be so moronic and vented at you, dear readers. for this, i sincerely apologize.

so anyway, samui wasn’t a total loss. i got some business done there and had a sweet beach front bungalow in a place called Shangrilah. you can’t really go wrong with that. things dramatically changed, however, as i was awakened by TERRIBLE thunder and rain storms at about 4am. this hard rain continued throughout the morning and i feared that my 8am ferry back to koh tao was going to be a treacherous ride. as it turns out, the vessel was big enough and the seas calm enough that i was able to catch a few winks onboard without issue. those of you who know me well should know that i am not prone to any type of motion sickness, and so despite the lurching of the ferry i did not feel the effects whatsoever nor have any need for the free barf bags that were passed out by the crew (WTA folks, take note of this kind gesture). i still carry motion sickness pills just in case, but have yet to need to take any.
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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

dear readers, today is the Very Worst Day Of My Life (in 2008). my iPod with all of my most killerest, favoritest music has been erased at the internet cafe. i never should have left Koh Tao or this never would have happened to me. and all i wanted to do was make a lovely little CD with a playlist for my friends back on Koh Tao. now i have nada. i am PISSED AS HELL, PEOPLE.

now, i must return to my shitty bungalow in shitty koh samui (where i never wanted to go in the first place and wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for a bit of post office business) and cry myself to sleep until 6 am when i will be awakened DEPRESSED AS HELL, PEOPLE, in order to catch the ferry back to Koh Tao (where i never wanted to leave in the FIRST PLACE). then, upon my return, i will have to spend a bazillion baht in the net cafe buying a bunch more %O#@)(*%$ songs to download so i am not without tunes for the rest of my journey. i cannot – nay – will not live without tunes.

this, friends, is what the Buddhists call karma. mine at this particular juncture is BAD.  please keep your fingers crossed that my karma improves soon because i do not think i could take this type of piracy again without doing some type of serious damage to someone or even myself. i beseach you to pray, people, for nothing but good karma to come my way.

next post i make i will have good news. this i promise.  happy birthday to me…

gone bamboo

Monday, April 7th, 2008
once upon a time on an island far, far away in the gulf of thailand there occurred an event so profound that all the natives went into a deep shock and everyone wondered if things would ever return to normal ... [Continue reading this entry]