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Carnival on the Island of Trinidad

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

i’ve booked the lodging and festivities package for Carnival in Trinidad, my first stop. i’m really psyched to get there and slather on the sunscreen. not so excited about slathering on mosquito repellent at the same time, but i reckon it’s pretty necessary.
anyway, i’ve tried to upload a picture of the costume i’m going to be wearing during the 3 days or whatever it is of Carnival. watch out Trini fellas!!! VA VA VOOOOM! i’m ready to do some SERIOUS liming.
Carnival outfit
the one i’m having made is the one second from left but with a smaller head dress as i’m really unsure about winin’, chippin’ and drinking all at the same time with a gigantic fan of feathers on my head. of course, i’ll look JUST like the model too. 🙂

departure looms

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

my departure is a mere three and a half weeks away today. i have managed to avoid going back to work for nearly one week now and am just waiting to resolve a few final details there.

here is the list of preparations over the course of the last month or so:
1. packed up all clothes but what i’ll use on the road and for the time being before i go (which amounts to a couple pairs of pants, shoes, socks, unmentionables, shirts, sweaters, jackets for rain and dry)
2. dropped off car at parents’ house for safekeeping
3. survived the holidays with minimal stress
4. arranged to sublet condo through property manager
5. arranged a mover and storage space for my belongings
6. got all immunizations (SF adult immunization travel clinic – recommended), including shots for tetanus, polio, flu and yellow fever (those hurt like hell). then i received in pill dosage azithromycin for Delhi belly (The Trots/travelers diarrhoea), mefloquine for malaria and vivotif for typhoid. i declined rabies shots due to the expense and probability that i won’t encounter many mangy, rabid creatures along the way any more so than i encounter them at home.
7. arranged for a friend to take care of my pets next year. this was a big worry but i think it’s going to be fine.
8. purchased the gear
9. reviewed the Travel Insurance Policy (mine is with World Nomads)
10. set up auto pay for remaining accounts (phone land line, cell phone, utilities)
11. canceled US health insurance policy and registered the car non-op
12. canceled subscriptions to magazines
13. signed up for couch surfing services at
14. consulted with friends who’ve been to where i’m going and gotten many, many good tips [read on]