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An Amazing Race

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD February 1, 2008-February 11, 2008 11 days Carnival

CANCUN, MEXICO February 11, 2008-February 12, 2008 1 day

HAVANA, CUBA February 12, 2008-February 16, 2008 4 days

CANCUN, MEXICO/LA USA February 16, 2008-February 16, 2008 1 travel day

LOS ANGELES TO HONG KONG February 16, 2008-February 18, 2008 2 travel days

HONG KONG TO BANGKOK February 18, 2008-May 13, 2008 3 months in Southeast Asia

BANGKOK TO QATAR May 13, 2008-May 14, 2008 1/2 day travel day

QATAR TO ISTANBUL May 14, 2008-May 29, 2008 2 weeks in Turkey and Greece

ATHENS TO LONDON May 29, 2008-June 13, 2008 2 weeks in England/Scotland

LONDON TO MILAN TO CAIRO June 13, 2008 June 13, 2008 1 travel day
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no turning back

Friday, December 7th, 2007

well, i have purchased my flights through to india in august. apparently, you can’t book flights more than about 6-8 months out, so i’ve got as many flights booked as i could get.
i’m told i can book the rest of the flights anytime from the road through my travel agent. UPDATE 12/14/07: NICO AT AIRTREKS, YOU ARE A GENIUS! to anyone reading this, i would HIGHLY recommend consulting the fine folks over at Airtreks when planning your travels especially if they’re complicated with lots of pesky details like what is involved in Around-The-World planning and ticketing.
now that the tickets have been bought, there really is no turning back. my emotions are mixed. i’m about 10% anxious and 90% STOKED!
oh, also, i’ve eliminated south america from this itinerary. south america is a HUGE continent and there’s so much to see there. i decided that my focus will be on those countries further and more remote from my home for this trip. sometime in the future i would like to explore south america – machu picchu, the galapagos, easter island, the amazon, and beyond – for an extended period of time and feel that the continent deserves much time for exploration and focus on its own.

nearing departure

Monday, December 3rd, 2007
the 2/1/08 departure date is fast approaching and i still do not have an airline ticket. i have spent the past 2-3 months researching the various approaches to buying tickets for such a huge trip without spending my entire trip ... [Continue reading this entry]