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always changing…

Friday, September 28th, 2007

as expected and already, the RTW route is changing. having gotten a couple more connections to/for MUST VISIT places and must meet people, i may have to bump up Turkey, add South Africa and possibly Singapore and/or Hong Kong, and cut short the Myanmar portion (due to the violence there now), although i’d hate to miss out on visiting Burma next spring because of the military vs. monks chaos over there (uh, yeah, didn’t this happen back in 1988 already? do they really have to go through all of this sh*t again now – just give democracy a chance, ya maroons, regardless of how modified/muddified it may be). i saw “beyond rangoon”; i know the score…anyroad, stay tuned…there will be other modifications to the Odyssey, no doubt even before i leave home.

Hello world traveller!

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

the background: i have been working at a local government agency for 7 1/2 years. although i have dreamt of traveling to exotic places for as far back as i can remember, one day about six or eight months ago, i decided it’s high time i get out of the day to day routine, strap on the backpack, and go see what’s out there beyond the 7 by 7 mile City i call home. i could think of no solid reason to NOT go, except for those pesky details like The Job, The Mortgage/Bills, The Debt I Will Incur. those are valid points, i admit, to preventing one from taking on such a gargantuan journey; however, i feel that life is too short and we only get one shot on this God Forsaken Planet, so why not seize the day, get out there and experience every culture you can while you can. maybe i’m just naturally curious. i’m a taurus. maybe that has something to do with my wanderlust and curiosity. that and, despite being (a) female, (b) blonde, (c) traveling solo, i’m really, really unafraid of what lies ahead. i like to think that i have a sufficient amount of moxie to get me through the “trouble spots” which are inevitable, and look forward to absorbing as much knowledge and experience as possible in the coming year. am i crazy as some say (you know who you are)? maybe. a little crazy, a little brave…even a little jealous of those who’ve already gone and done a trip like this.