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We are at camp site three, and at lunch our guide brought in a bottle of wine in celebration of the New Year.  They were only too happy when we shared the wine with them.  It seems that all we do here is eat, walk and sleep as we’ve settled into a routine that includes tea 5 times a day, a morning hike, and nap, an afternoon hike, and three full meals plus popcorn and cookies.  We also get wash buckets delivered twice a day. We feel like we are acclimatizing well, as we pea 8 times a day and are farting endlessly (those are both good signs of acclimatization, and Jill’s favorite saying has become “Farting well means faring well”). Additionally we are getting to know our team a bit better, and gaining popularity by sharing our power bars and chocolate.

it’s getting colder up here… picture-051.jpgpicture-053.jpgsd-card-088.jpg


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