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Oi. Oi. No excuses, I am still alive

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

  The absence of my blogging is the indication of having a very fulfilling fantastic time, the racket of internet being 6 dollars an hour in coromandel NZ is an issue too, truth of the fact is I have been enjoying my self to no end..

So to start off, yep I should have been on a plane two weeks ago, back in LA looking for work.  Well we all know Jess and she changes her mind with the seasons, I knew 3 months in NZ wouldnt be enough, so I extended my visa until the 30th of June.  Promise.  coming home then.

I am up here in Coromandel, have been for the last two months.   I got the urge to come back here after a friend of mine came for a whilwind tour of the penisula when I first got to NZ.  the lush green pensuila is thick with potters and artists, the coast is 30minutes away no matter where you are and for the first time in my freaking life I am content where I am.

Currently I am woofing at an herbal dispensary,  learning about herbal medicens and native plants and their uses…  Also I am lurking about potteries firing kilns and learning heaps,

I got lots to say but so little time to say it,

will be back in the states for Burning Man.  DPW.

R Ahhh, miss you all but not too much 😉

love hugs and kisses