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Monday, February 12th, 2007

Oh goodness, seems like there has been much going on in my life these days, too much in fact that I am a neglector in my own bloggy, not to mention calling home not as much (sorry mom and dad) the truth is that I was blessed enough for a travelling friend of mine from Nepal to suprise me and meet up with me. The more I am alone the more I write, so you guessed it, Alone again I bee. All for the better though, I guess….

After Hampi, we headed to Gorkana on the Arabian sea, I love saying that. The Arabian Sea. Even if I was the bittiiest bit sad about being solo again all I would have to do is remind myself that it is freaking winter for all of my loved ones in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning if I had never quit my job at Kozy’s like I did about a year ago, I’d be biking through snow and ice to get to work, sub zero temps, long johns under jeans, I mean really…

Life isn’t so bad, Winter is one of those things I do not miss, and as I sit on the beach and watch the sunset again over the sea, I can’t almost believe it was me a year ago riding my bike through the snow in Chicago. I have changed, so much has changed and I am realizing that I could never go back to what I was doing there, so the good news is that there is no where to go but UP!

I am staying in gorkana for about a week then I am off to hippy bootcamp, I will explain more on that later :) just wanted to send my love and let you all know I am well, I have been thinking of everyone alot lately, mainly my friends Pete in La La land and also Gina from chi-town, where are you?! let me know you are okay..

big love from the sandy depths of my heart


Found: one bundle of bliss (me)

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Greetings again my lovelies,

I am in a state of complete bliss these days. Funny how sickness can rob you of all the light out of your life for that moment and make everything a complete challenge. Then when unburdened and full again of energy the light comes pouring in and all is good.

I have been following my heart, going when it feels right and staying until I feel fullfilled from a place, it has been good. letting intuition take over for awhile. Lots of my time has been really meditating on life and what I want to become of the next year. Manifesting good thoughts and soaking in this world around me. To be in a place with so much history, and soul has an effect that will never cease to amaze me.

This morning crossing the river, on a short cut.. ended up falling in and swimming with an elephant. Just jumping in when you meant to amble across is sometimes a delightful way to enjoy yet another day in paradise. I am staying here in Hampi for a few more days and then on to Gokarna, a beach with cheap huts on the beach and from what I hear amazing thali, I have more adventures to tell, but internet is crazy expensive and to tell you the real truth sometimes there are better things to do than hang out on the internet all day…..

So with big love I send off,

Om shiva Ray!