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London Calling

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Action always deviates from the plan. I can almost be sure if I decide to do something or go sowhere imparticular I am more than likely going to end up in a place I had not even dreamed of being.

Case in point… I was suppossed to be heading to Asia this past spring but instead ended up in France doing a workstay, travelling Spain, Morocco, and now the UK.

London was not in the plan, not in my mind and definitely not in my budget. But because of Nowhere, I have lots of homies here, so it helps that I have a place to stay, friends to show me around, and a kitchen to cook in.

Things have been easy and very comfortable for me the last few weeks. A little too comfortable in fact. I have been filling up my days with bike rides, museums, lazing around and the occasional bike fixing session for said homies.

My only problem is that I cannot seem to get the motivation to figure out the next part of this journey. I would love to find some work here, but as I am finding out it is very difficult to find cash in hand gigs. Honestly, I don’t want to work but being in London is so freaking expensive that it would be nice just to cover the essestials.

By the way a 50gram packet of Drum is approxamatley $20., a pint of beer $7. tube ride, single journey $6! It adds up. And no matter how cool London is or how many amazing parties are coming up in the near future, I must resist the temtation to stay longer.


I am tempted and keep checking the flights to India. As of now I found one for the bargin price on $681. Return to London in March. Literally my finger is on the purchase button… I am having loads of fun, but I need to be moving on. I hadn’t even thought of going to India, but it will be cheap, warm (if I stay in the south), loaded with opportunities to volunteer, and will be a great way to get to Nepal quickly if all things are right. (Nepal was on the Masterplan, I’d like to at least make it there).

There is something so alluring about traveling to countires that aren’t Western. I totally fell in love with Morocco, and I am ready to delve into the madness and chaos I could only get in a country whose roots go back some 5000 years. At some point this Journey will end, and it will probably be a long time before I can get it together enough to head out again.

That’s a good lesson folks.

Make this one count, because circumstances change as does the world and If you don’t do it now, the next question is WHEN?

I am beginning to realize that of all the wonderful things about travelling, the little or big detours reap the greatest benifits.

Signing off from rainy pants London

Miss Jessica