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April 07, 2005


Dear Readers:

I want to give a quick update to let you all know what's going on, many of you already do know...

I am back in the USA having arrived about a week and a half ago from London. I came back to pursue a few career opportunities that were presented to me. I will discuss more on this in a later blog entry as I have made no definite decisions as to my future.

I am fortunate enough to be able to base myself at my Mom's in Lake Tahoe while I have traveled around the USA over the last week talking with two different casino companies. My Mom is an awesome lady and I really really appreciate her support and love and I have nothing but love and respect for her!

I do have more entries for this blog and will write them next week as I will be away once again this weekend. I will do an entry about St. Andrews and then another one about London that will include pictures.

Depending on what the future holds for me on the immediate career front I will prepare a Closure entry. I understand if people do not want to be a part of this blog anymore now that I am back in the comforts of America and not out on the road and I appreciate your reading this and your support over the last 4 months. I will need to complete this blog and put closure on it for my peace of mind and for posterities sake.

Thanks and God Bless!

Posted by Jeff on April 7, 2005 10:34 PM
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Welcome back to the US!! Of course, we still want to read!! In fact, I am looking forward to it! Also looking forward to your visit to SE IN. Hopefully, it will be in the near future. Good luck with your new business ventures and just let us know what you decide!

Take Care.

Posted by: Ynez on April 8, 2005 12:42 PM


Posted by: Kacey on April 8, 2005 03:00 PM

I'm glad to hear you made it home safe and sound! You take care, and maybe we'll see you at our next Christmas party! :)

Posted by: Jerrelle on April 8, 2005 03:25 PM

Welcome home Jeff.

While on a completely selfish level, I'm disappointed to see you home, I'm happy to see you adjusting back into "normal life" and persuing what sounds like a promising career.

I wish you the best of luck, and I thank you tremendously for welcoming us into your life for the past 4 months into what was a fascinating journey.

Posted by: Croz on April 9, 2005 01:05 AM

Keep Writing...

Posted by: Patrick on April 12, 2005 04:40 PM

Please write on! I felt sad when I read this entry. Tell us about the skiing in Tahoe. Tell us the very first thing you did returning home. Hot, Hot shower? Congradulations on a dream accomplished and thank you for sharing it with us.

Be Safe,


Posted by: Shelley on April 13, 2005 09:31 AM

Hey Jeff,

Your trip seems to have ended somewhat abruptly. I'm sure others are wondering the same: Why did your year-long trip last less than half that amount of time? We'd all love to hear an introspective post regarding your physical & mental return to the US.

- How did you feel about coming home? Fulfilled, Regretful, Somber?

- Have you satisfied your travel-bug for now, or are you itching to get back at it?

- At what point did you decide it was time to come home, and what caused it?

Hope I'm not prying too much. Your blog has been an inspiration to many, and it would be interesting to hear how the end of your journey unfolded.

Posted by: Wart on April 18, 2005 05:32 PM
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