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The end of a wonderful 3 months in Australia!!!

So our last week was a lot of fun. We were in Sydney and we managed to fill our days well.

We went to the cinema, where a movie premier was going on which was exciting. We visited Bond, had a picnic in Hyde park, went all cultural at the Australian Museum and went to Paddys market for some cheap hoodys in preparation for chilly NZ.

We went out with our friends to a comedy club which was funny and then on to a bar at The rocks which was very suave!

On our last night we went for a goodbye meal with Mikaela at a lovely restaurant at Darling harbour and had a delectable prawn curry!

Leaving her was quite emotional but she is staying to work in Sydney hopefully getting an apartment somewhere in the city with our friends so will be fine!

As for us, our Australian adventure was done 🙁 and we have had an absolute blast and I know i’ll be back to do the west coast next time!

Our flight to NZ was at 4 in the morning and after a shitty nights sleep of 2 hours we left warm Aus and landed in chilly NZ!!!



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