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Cairns and Cape Tribulation

April 12th, 2010

We were in Cairns for only 3 nights before we decided to book our Cape trib trip. Cairns rained the whole time so we didn’t really do a lot. Mainly just shopped or should I say window shopped and that’s about as fun as it got!

We had 2 attempts at getting to Cape tribulation. The first day we tried, we got up at 6 feeling a little fragile from the night before sat on a bus for 2 hours till we arrived at a cafe near the Daintree river. However due to land slides further north we had to turn back to Cairns and were told we could try again tomorrow!

We then checked into a different hostel which was lovely! 4 single beds in a spacious room with air conditioning that actually worked! Spent the day reading and eating and had an early night so that we were fresh for our second attempt in the morning!

This time we got to the cafe and could continue on. We went for a river cruise along the daintree river to spot crocs. We saw two baby ones but nothing compared to the ones we saw at the croc farm we went to the other day before we got into Cairns. After the cruise we drove into the rainforest and did a board walk. Saw a dragon (lizard) and a huge golden Orb spider! We soon realised that these massive spiders would become normal to see as once we arrived at our accommodation in Cape tribulation they were everywhere!! We went for a nice walk along the beach to a nice lookout and the scenery was stunning!! In the evening we sat around the dining area at the hostel and played cards with out new roomie David.

Our room was the furthest away from the dining area along a path. This happened to become the scariest walk to go to bed ever! I managed to step on a snake. I just stopped felt something under my feet, looked down and saw this snake. Ran for my life screaming, Alice wondered what the hell ahd happened. Then we started hearing these horrible noises from the forest that sounded like these horrible birds called Cassowaries (the most dangerous non flying bird in the world!) so we were pretty scared! That night we all had nightmares of spiders crawling on us etc!

The next day after our free breakfast of bacon eggs and toast (yum) we went on a 5km  walk to a place called Emmagen Creek! Once you got to the creek you could then walk 10mins (supposedly) up a path to a beautiful swimming spot. This path wasn’t the easiest of path. We turned back twice but then found some locals who knew the way and when we finally got there it was beautiful! We stayed there for about an hour and then walked a different way back equally as hide but we got back just about in one piece. Managed to hitch a lift in the back of these 2 hippies camper vans back to our hostel! For the rest of the afternoon we read and napped!

Day 3 and we were ready to get out of the rainforest. The amount of bugs was insane but we did appreciate thwe beautiful surroundings. Mikaela and David had a horse ride along the beach booked for the morning so me and Al just sat around reading until 1.30 when we got picked up by our tour bus!

Our final destination was Port Douglas which is where we are now. On our way there we stopped at Mossman Gorge which was again stunning and then around about 4.30 arrived at Parrotffish lodge where we’d be staying for the next 5 nights!



Mission Beach!

April 4th, 2010

Only had 2 nights in mission beach but had a great time! Our friend Kevin was still with us and when we checked into our room at Scotty’s Beach house, he was in our room! All the rooms had been done up recently so was lovely and clean! Another nice, cjhilled out hostel and we especially enjoyed having a sofa right outside our room which is where we spent most of our time.

We were basically at mission beach to go white water rafting down the river tully. Our bus collected us at 8 in the morning and we were rafting by about 10 once we’d put on our life jackets and helmet. Was awesome fun. There was us 3, Kevin and 2 guys from denmark in our raft and our guide was called Tim. We were doing grade 4 rapids all which were fun! People were falling out all the time and we did go in to the river for a few swims along the way. Stopped off for lunch which was  a nice BBQ and then had another couple of hours after that! One rapid Al got launched into the air and got a few bruises to her leg but one girl in another raft broke her ankle! So was pretty dangerous but we survived without too much damage! Got back to this cafe around 3 and watched the DVD, which was funny as you saw everyone falling out and pulling up there bikini bottoms etc!

 That was it really for mission beach but very much enjoyed ourselves! The next day we had to wait till 1.30 for our oz bus so we watched the hangover in the tv room at the hostel! Our last bus journey was quite short and the best bit was we went to a Croc farm on our way to Cairns!

The farm was even better than Australia zoo in that you got so close to the crocs. First though, we got to hold a black cockatoo called banksy…it pee’d on Mikaela haha! Then a baby croc and a snake!!! Then 2 guides showed us rouind to the crocodile pens and they were HUGE! One minute there hiding in the water and the next there out on the grass 2 metres long snapping there jaws! One slapped the guide round the leg with its tail. And one was 5meters long! Crazy. We also fed kangaroos and saw some absolutely evil Cassowarys which are horrible big birds like Osterriches! Anyway had a brilliant time there!

After the farm we left for Cairns and it was only a short journey! When we arrived we checked into our swish hostel Gilligans. Had a free meal that evenign and played drinking games with our dorm mates till about 12 when we went downstairs for a dnace. bailed out after a while though as we wre all shattered. Not before Mikaela and Al had a Kebab though! Bed by 2 though!

Now in Cairns it’s raining and its humid! Today we went to the cinema which was amazing and saw the Blind side! Definitely recommend it! Anyway we’re here for a month now, have a trip to cape trib trip bookedd and port douglas and i can’t wait to get out on the reef for our dive!

Will report back soon!

Holly xxx


Maggie Island

April 4th, 2010

Hello again…

We left Airlie Becah bright and early last sunday and our oz bus driver was Luke (who we had from our Melbourne to Sydney tour) so was nice to see a friendly face and play the familiar games on the way to Magnetic Island.

In order to get across to Magnetci Island we had to catch a ferry from Townsville! Only took 20mins and then in order to get to our hostel we caught a bus. Our hostel called base was literally on the beach with a stunning view and a very chilled out feel to it! Open plan bar/dining area and then our rooms/huts were toblerone shaped like a teepee. Fun but very cramped with 4 bunk beds jammed inside!

We stayed 4 nights on the island. The first day we hired a pink barbie car whch was hilarious although unfortunately we had last pick of a car and it was boring with enforcer II seat cover but still was a lautgh. And when i say car its more like a golf buggy but better, no doors or windows tho! We were only allowed to drive along one side of the island which is only 10km’s long. But we stopped at picnic bay and horseshoe bay. Had a swim in the sea, in the area sectioned off by nets due to stingers and had some lunch. Then we drove around again for a bit. The car seats 4 so we had our friend Kevin with us as well. Him and Mikaela were our designated drivers as they were the only 2 old enough but I did have a little go at one point. However Kevin then decided to hang his whole body out the car just as we drove past a police car. Tried to pull into a car park to swap drivers but it was too late and the police rocked up nect to us. Thoguth he was going to ask for my liscence but instead he just told Kevin off afetr warning him there a $300 fine! Obviously now we see the funny side but at the time we were pretty scared. Decided maybe a legal driver should continue after that incident and we went for a lovely walk to a fort for the rest of the afternoon.

The next day we went on another walk up to hawkings point. It was definitely the hottest day yet and we were sweating absolute buckets so we got back quickly and jumped staright in the pool. Which is where we spent most of the day! The next day however the weather was utter shite! Literally spent the whole day in bed reading, had a can of baked beans for lunch and went back to reading! Was nice to do nothing though. The next day we left the island at 8 and once back in townsville we caught our next Oz bus to mission beach!!!


Airlie Beach

March 26th, 2010

Right I left off last time when we’d just arrived in Airlie Beach which is basically a long road of shops, restaurants, hostels and clubs. It’s the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands so everyone comes here before catching their boats at the marina. You can’t swim in the sea here because of jellyfish and stingers so theres a large lagoon that you can hang out in to cool down! We were staying at the hostel Magnums. We checked into number 72 and showered got ready etc. And who should be staying next door, the Fraser boys so that was nice. Our oz bus had organised a party type thing at Moroccos for 7 so we got ready and went. There were $5 meals, free jugs of beer and wine and loads of games played. Including the limbo which I only went and won! We met up with the Fraser boys later on and went to the club Mama Africas and danced the night away. Had great fun.

Our alarm in the morning was Paul and Josh coming into our room and rolling us up in our mattresses! The rest of the day was spent having to re organise and book the rest of our trip because there was a Cyclone coming right for Airlie beach . So instead of going out on a boat to the Whitsundays on Saturday we were going on Wednesday. Once we’d done that we had some lunch and went to the Lagoon! That evening we sat on our veranda chatting and drinking with the Fraser boys as it was the last time we’d see them as they were moving on up north!

Saturday was Cyclone day. Spent the day shopping etc especially stocking up on food. Had an early night. At 12.38 our whole dorm woke up because the Cyclone had hit. It was so windy and because we staying in like a shed/cabin thing made of wood we were a little bit scared we might blow away but luckily we didn’t! Instead the power went. The power didn’t come bacxk on for another 2 days! Of course all the food we’d bought needed cooking apart from rice cakes and salad! Which is what we ate the first night! The worst thing was that by 7pm it was pitch black all we could was sit in our dorms chatting. Was quite fun though as our dorm was all girls so we had girlie chats and an early night. On the second day some shops had managed to get generators so opened so we had fish and chips for breakfast. We also went for a walk round the area to suss out the damage which was pretty bad. Boats had been washed up onto the rocks and been smashed up and trees had been up-rooted! Anyway when we’d settled in for another girly evening wiuth torches playing cards the lights came back on!!! We were SO happy!

The rest of our time in Airlie was spent hanging around the lagoon and window shopping! On the morning of our boat trip we had to hang around a bit till 2 when we walked to the marina! We were booked onto the Boomerang. An ex racing boat for 28people. (Originally we were on the clipper a 50person party boat but when it got cancelled we transfered to the Boomerang.

 Our 2 night trip was awesome. Vey very chilled out! Sailing was fun although I did feel a bit sea sick. Mikaela gave me some sea sick pills thought and that soon sorted me out. The ocean was stunning, so so blue! The weather was also lovely and sunny so we spent a lot of time lying on the deckl sunbathing. Beds weren’t the best and me and Al got assigned the beds above the dining room tables! On the first day we just sailed to a nice cove to stay for the night. Had a quick dip in the sea wearing our stinger suits which are lovely! In the evening we just chilled out star gazing. The food was amazing!!!! Had chicken with a thai sauce and rice. Very good. Crew were all nice too. The captain was just like the shark bruce from finding nemo!!! On the second day we went to Whitehaven beach-beautiful, went snorkelling and saw lots of fishies. Again chille dout on the second night after spag bol again delicious! AAfter an early morning snorkel on the thrid day we were back at the marina at 11.

Still feel a bit rocky at times but nice to be back on dry land. Cooked chicken tikka curry last night in the worst kitchen in the world and had an early night as we were all shattered!!!!

Last day in Airlie today and we leave for Magnetic Island tomorrow!

Bye for now x


Yeeeehaaaa! Cattle station time!

March 22nd, 2010

Our new driver was called Beaver and was hilarious. Had an entertaining bus drive to get to our over night stop at a cattle station. We arrived at Kroombit and it was lunchtime! Had a slab of steak and some salady stuff then it was goat muster time! This was so fun….I got given a horse called Bob which was hilarious because we’d been friends with a guy called Bob before. Anyway we went on a trail to get to the field with the goats in then we had to muster them into a paddock the other side of a field. The goats were pretty lazy so we got told to shout “hey up pup pup’ as you can imagine it was hilairous. Then we had another trail walk back to the ranch. Next up was a goat rodeo!!! Basically we were all split into teams of 4. Me Al Mikaela and a girl called Laura was in our group. Everyone was given a task. I was catcher, Al was tipper, Laura brander and Mikaela was dragger. I had to run into the goat paddock and caught a certain goat dragged it through the gate then Al had to pick it up and tip it over, it was fake branded and dragged out the gate. Unfortunately we weren’t the quickest but it was very fun!

In the evening we had a roast dinner with potatoes and peas which was loovverrly!! After dinner we were taught how to crack a whip and then a mechanical bull competition started! Very entertaining evening! However gettng up at 5.30 the next day was no fun but we had a 10 hour drive ahead of us to get to Airlie beach.

This drive was a killer but Beaver managed to keep us entertained playing music quizzes etc and by 5 we arrived in Airlie Beach!!!

Have to leave it there for now but will update Airlie beach later on today!

Won’t leave the blog that long again for a while…hopefully!

Holly x


Town of 1770

March 22nd, 2010

Absolutely loved this place but this is probably due to the weather being nice and being jam packed with activities!

When we arrived at our hostel, to our surprise the boys from Frasers were there so we hung out with them for a while, went into town for food and then when they left had a girly evening watching he’s just not that into you’ and half of ‘the bucket list’ before the dvd stopped working.

On tuesday it was a lovely bright sunny day so we sat around by the pool sunbathing in the morning. In the afternoon we went on a ‘scooter roo.’ Basically you go on small chopper bikes all around the town and watch the sunset. Me and Al were really scared before (especially because our friend Jenni we met before fell off and scraped her arm so she couldn’t swim for 2 weeks) but as soon as we got going we absolutely loved it! We were driving on proper roads at 80kph!!! Was great fun! Another thing I can tick off the list of things I never thought i’d do too!

That evening we staying in and watched finding Nemo, which pulled in quite a crowd at the hostel.

Next day was going to be a busy one. We had a 4 hours surf lesson from 9-1 which I wasn’t too hopefull about after the last one but I only went and stood up about 5 times surfing all the way to the beach like a prper surfer!! Haha! Was shocked but was so much fun. Turns out the way we’d be taught before was a load of crap and clearly it was as it didn’t work! Anyway when we got back we were pretty tired but had kayaking to look forward to at 3. Had some lunch and got ready.

kayaking was quite eventful. Was a sunset tour so we go out kayaking round to a couple of beaches and then on this little walk to try and spot some dolphins (which we didn’t spot unfortunately) and then you stop fr a drink and nibbles before going back to where we started. On the way out the cureent was against us but the wind with us so it was fairly easy. Buton the way bacxk it was the opposite and the wind was sooo strong. Me and Alice were in a boat together and there were about 5 other boats and then the guide. The guide had to tow one boat and everyone was struggling. The suddenly a wave came and me and Alice were in the water. Thats right we’d capsised! We could not stop laughing. But the guide was getting a bit worried. Al managed to get back in the boat and then started floating away while i tried to gather up all our stuff including the paddle and i was bobbing away in the opposite direction! Anyway the guide managed to save Alice and then me and we finally made it back to safe ground. Was very funny though!

No more dramas after that we had an early night and then caught our oz bus at 8 in the morning…



Fraser Island!!!!

March 22nd, 2010

Absloulte mammoth blog coming up although i will split it up a bit! We’ve just had a hectic last couple of weeks but here goes:

Got back from Fraser island on Wednesday and had the best 3 days! We were so lucky with the weather. It was perfect. Glorious sunshine and blue skies. Considering its been raining since we got back and for a week before we went we can’t believe it!

So basically on the monday morning we had to be up at 6.30 for pancakes at 7 and then a morning briefing for 2 hours at 7.45. We had to pack up the roof and check everything, those over 21 learnt about driving the massive 4×4 and then at 10 we set off. Me, Alice and the Swiss guy Simon were the only ones who weren’t driving. At first I was gutted but soon realised it really didn’t matter and some of the driving was pretty hairy.  We drove down to Inskip point to board the barge over to the island. Then we were let lose. In the whole group there were 7 cars of 10 people so it was pretty big.In our team of 10 as I said before there was Simon, us 3 and then 4 British guys. Seb who was so scatty but lovely, Andy who looked like a koala bear so we called him KB, Paul nicknamed Vinegar and Josh who was the most sarcastic/rude person ever but we just laughed at him! Then there was the couple ‘Mum and Dad’ as we called them, Nicole and Paul. We soon decided that we had the best group. There’d be 8 in the back and 2 in the front in the car and it was surprisingly spacious but definitely not the comfiest on the old backside.

‘Dad’ and Josh had already done the trip a few years ago so we had a slight heads up to not follow the itinerary but do our own thing so that there wasn’t 60 other people everywhere. This turned out to be the best decision. We chose to go to a different Lake to everyone else first called Lake Birrabean which was quite a bumpy drive away but absolutely stunning. White sandy beaches and completely clear water. We then went to Lake Mckenzie where everyone else goes but everyone else left so we got to see that when it was empty too!  We arrived at the first campsite at 6 where everyone else was which was cool. A few of us put up the tents and the others cooked and we had a lovely steak with potatoe salad! After dinner we sat round and played a few drinking games and generally had a laugh. Around 12 we got in our tents for a pretty uncomfortable nights sleep!

Next morning we were all up around 6 and it was another beautiful day. Had some cereal and packed up. While we were driving along the beach we found a creek to have a quick dip in, which was like a giant puddle. Then we drove along to Indian head. From there you climb Indian Point which had some stunning views. The rest of the afternoon we had to be off the beach due to the tides so we tried to find a lake to cool down in. Our first attempt was Lake Allom which was murky and full of little turtles. Our second attempt was after about 2 hours of driving along the bumpiest road. In the end we needed a bum break-BAD IDEA!! As soon as we got out the car we were swarmed by mosquiotoes! Within seconds everyone was piled back in the car trying to kill them all. We looked like a bunch of mental people, absolutely hilarious!!! Anyway we then had a long drive to our next campsite, set up and had chicken stir fry for lunch.

That night we sat round playing a few more games which 2 guys were crap at leaving them pretty gone! The rest of us were all cool and lay star gazinbg and playing would you rather. The stars were stunning and you could even see the milky way.  Went to bed around 11 after walking the drunk ones back to the tent which was definitely THE funniest thing.

On the last day we ate packed up and were on our way to find more lakes! We didn’t follow the crowd as usual and instead found ourselves a lovely little deserted lake. Named the ‘Golden Lake of Joy’ by us due to its colour we had a nice swim and then a feast to try and finish all the food left over! By the time we left we kinda had to hurry along the beach in order to make the ferry! When crossing back to mainland we spotted a few dolphins which finished off the trip perfectly.

Refueled, cleared up the van and were then dropped back at the hostel where we all had showers! Was so nice to be free from sand and smell nice again. Plus we got to have nice hair and make up, the guys barely recognised us haha! That evening the dreamteam entered the quiz and shamefully came 7th out of 10 but was a laugh.

The rest of rainbow beach (because we werethere for a few extra nights afterwards) was spent going to Carlos sand dune and watching the sunset, eating, shopping and going to Tin Can Bay to feed wild dolphins. When it got to Sunday we couldn’t wait to leave but we had had a lot of fun!

Holly x


March 7th, 2010

In for a long blog today as it has been a while! We are now in Rainbow beach after a long week of rain in Noosa.

Leaving off from the last blog in Brisbane. On the sunday we had to do some shopping for suncream etc as everything gets more expensive up the coast so we were advised to buy some there. We also did our Laundry and faffed around at the hostel for a while. In the evening we went our for a meal to Wagamammas to celebrate for my Birthday. Ah it was bliss. And Alice payed for mine as my present which was lovely of her. We then treated ourselves to cake in a coffee shop in the centre of town and it started to pour with rain so we sat there for a while watching the world go by! Had quite an early night as we were leaving for Noosa our next destination.

 On the monday… it was my BIRTHDAY. I had a lovely phone call with the fam and then we got on the bus. Everyone sang happy birthday to me which was cool and the next 4 hours we spent travelling in the rain. When we got to Noosa, an upmarket version of Byron Bay, we had to get the courtesy bus to our hostel which was about a 10min drive from the town. We soon realised that being out of town was going to be a little irritating. Anyway after settling into out 6 bved dorm we ventured out to the supermarket another 15min walk away in the pouring rain! Had a special meal of Fajitas and birthday CAKE! Had a couple of other friends staying at the hostel so we had a small party in our room and played a few games. All in all had quite a good birthday despite the rain!

 Next day we went to Australia Zoo!!! It was amazing even though it was raining! Got to feed Elephants, went to the Croceseum and watched a Snake, bird and cros show which was very cool! We saw kangas, wombats, tazmanian devils and these evil big birds which i was pretty scared of. PLUS i got to hold a koala which totally made my day, was so cute, called Mist! Will put a photo up when i get a chance. We also saw this beautiful tiger playing with her keeper in the water and running around. Asll in all we had a brilliant day, bought some ponchos so we didn’t get too wet 🙂 On the way home on the coach we watched a video all about Steve Irwin, which made us all cry HA! Was so sad, just made you realise how much of a ledgend he was!

The next few days in Noosa were pretty crappy to be honest. Spent a lot of the time in our dorm, reading and sleeping due to the weather. We did make it into the center of Noosa a few times to look around the shops and eat etc. On the thursday we went to the cinema to see Alice in Wonderland at this little pokey cinema in 3D which was fun. We went out a couple of times in the evening to a place called Koala bar and Flamingos club, and the rolling rock but they were nothing special. By Saturday we were definitelu ready to move on and the weather was really getting us down.

We travelled from Noosa to Rainbow beach from around 3-6 and when we arrived (after being diverted due to floods, thats how much its raining) it was the worst rain yet. Our new hostel was nice, had nice roomies, a $5 BBQ and played cards in the evening. Today (sunday) we have had a look aroiund rainbow beach which would look gorgeous in the sun. BUT it wasn’t raining today!!! Had to go to a briefing at 2.30 about Fraser Island which was really fun as now we know what we’re doing, and really excited about it. Basically we go on a 3 day self drive 4×4 camping tour. Theres a group of 10 in a car and those over 21 can drive. Me and Alice obviously can’t which i’m a bit gutted about but it does look a bit scary. Anyway we have met our group who all seem great, there us 3 (Mikaela, Alice and I) 4 British guy, a couple and then a swiss guy so should be pretty fun!!!

Next blog will be after Frasers and hopefully we will have had a dry, fun time!!!

Hope all are well at home etc!!!

Lots of Love Holly xxx 


Surfers Paradise…

February 27th, 2010

Well we’ve had a long week in surfers paradise, which ideally we would have stayed in Byron instead but we couldn’t due to buses not running on certain days etc etc.

Anyway what have we been up to. On tuesday we went to Dreamworld. A big theme park here. It was a gorgeous day and we (Al, Mikaela, Jenni and myself) had great fun (apart from I did feel really sick after a couple of the rides due to too much spinning!) There was 6 main rides, one of which was called the tower of terror which was so high, and one called the giant drop, like detonator but way higher and then suspend you at the top for ages building up the anticipation! Was good fun though. They had a wildlife experience which you walked round and we saw dingos, koalas, kangaroos (which I got to stroke) and wombats. Had a good day, despite the amount of sweating we did due to the heat!!!

Wednesday it was raining, like much of the rest of the week, so we did our laundry (again a success, we’re getting the hang of it now) and went shopping. We’d signed on to do this pub crawl and decided we all needed a new outfit. Gave ourselves a $20 budget which I think I was the only one to stick to :p! The pub crawl started ridiculously early, at 5 and at first we thought it was going to be rubbish but as the night got going it turned out we all had lots of fun. Theres like one strip where all the clubs are so we just hopped from one to the next every hour or so. They had a few party games which were fun and pizza and then at 11.30 they leave you in the last bar and you can dance the night away. Next morning we all felt a little fragile but a good old cooked breakfast sorted us out. Due to the rain though we had a lazy day in our hostel watching tv and reading and in the evening went for a nice curry round the corner.

Surfers paradise is very much party party party, its the vegas of australia and we noticed when we were on our pub crawl that there were a lot of ozzys on holiday there. Unfortunately we just weren’t in the mood to go out every night so the next night we cooked and had a girly night. Finally on Friday we got to see the beach, but after an hour or so it started to rain so we had to abort and hit the pool back at the hostel instead. Again we were just not up for going out so stayed in to pack and watched dreamgirls and coyote ugly.

Today we made it Brisbane. Have done a lot of walking (wearing my new flip flops was a bad idea as the blisters aren’t fun) over to south bank and back, looked in a museum and then went to the supermarket to buy dinner. We might be going out tonight on another pub crawl (they’re always the best way to get to see all the bars without getting lost, and it turns out cheaper) but we haven’t decided yet. Only in Brisbane till Monday morning…my BIRTHDAY!! when we travel up to Noosa. Supposed to be nice there, and on tuesday we’re going to Australia Zoo, WOO!

Will leave it there for now. Speak soon.

Holly xxx


Welcome to the Gold Coast!

February 21st, 2010

Surfers Paridise is where we are now. In a lovely hostel attached to a hotel with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, although we haven’t checked in yet because our room isnt ready.

Anyway back to where we were last time. We had the absolute weirdest day so far on this trip on friday. Went to the hippy town called nimbin where everyone is a hippy (obviously) we were there for about an hour and a half and it was one of the slowest hours and a half ever, we just didn’t like it. It stank of weed even though its illegal and we just weren’t too keen. We left nimbin after lunch and went on a drive through this rainforest and stopped at this other freaky guy called Pauls house who was short, hariy and his jeans had no flies on his jeans…you could see everything! We had to walk around this swamp, which was kinda pretty, to a little hut and eat macadania nuts and melon then walk back to the bus. It was all just very random and the whole time we were thinking what are we doing here. The only good stop we made was the next one to see Minyon falls which was a very pretty waterfall 120metres high and it made us think about when we do our bungee jump in NZ and how scared we are gonna be!

Anyway we got home from this freaky tour at around 6 and had a BBQ in our hostel then we went out to a bar called the beach hotel which was fun got back around 12 and relaxed in our garden, star gazing!

Next day, saturday we spent the day on the lovely beach, although it did start to pour with rain so we had to take cover for half an hour but after that it was gorgeous. The sea was lavly although the current was very strong!!!! At about 6 we went home, cooked our tea of pasta and a sauce again, watched the film never been kissed. It was our friend Helen’s birthday so we had a mini surprise party for her, then went round to her apartment for a few drinks. After a couple of hours, a few of us decided to go star gazing on the beach. Had a little skinny dip in the sea, which was hilarious and weirdly warm and then when we were walking back it absolutely poured with rain so we were soaked! But we didn’t really care.

On sunday, our 2 guy friends from our apartment left for surfers paradise so, Alice, Mikaela and myself thought we’d go shopping but we were very good and refrained from buying anything then went to the beach for a fews hours. Have to say the tan is coming a long now that it’s stopped raining so much 🙂 When we got back from the beach our roomie Ben who works at the hostel and loads of others were playing a game of beersby. Which is frisbee with a difference. 2 teams, 2 sticks 2 cans and beer. Hard to explain but it was a good laugh, even though we were the only girls playing and the guys were very serious about it!!! After the game we ate pizza and packed and we were in bed by 11.

Now afetr the shortest bus journey yet we are in Surfers. Byron was awesome we could have stayed longer but it’s fun to keep moving. Only problem is that i’ve never gotten so many bites in such a short time in my life. I literally have them all down my legs, arms, back and neck its so annoying, and really very attractive, NOT! We think the beds had bed bugs, combined with the mosquiotos just meant we got biten! A lot.

Anyway we have just booked up the next 2 months of our trip all the way up to Cairns, including Whitsunday Island, Fraser Island, Magnetic Island, rainbow beach, Noosa, Surfing lesson again, dolphin feeding and loads more so we’ve got a day by day plan of where we’ll be when now which is fun!

Off to go and see if our room is ready now and then jump straight in that pool.

Catch ya later.

Holly xxx