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End of Cairns.

Right so this was our last week in Cairns as we  rearranged our flight to Sydney for the 23rd April (can’t remember if i’ve already mentioned that but will mention it again!)

Baically we spent a couple of days shopping and eating in the shopping center, sleeping and going out to a place called the woolshed on the monday evening which was fun!

On the wednesday we literally had the most random day, so random it’s hard to explain. The bus we went on was called Gus the bus and we talked to it as did our guide cousin Rohan! We went to a lot of beautiful waterfalls, had a very nice lunch at a teahouse, swam in the waterfall called milla milla (where Peter Andre filmed ‘mysterious girl’) which was fun. Had hot chocolate and marshmallows. Played puzzles, danced and sung on the bus and everyone had a wonderfully weird day! It was a very full day as we left at 7 and didnt get back til 8. We then had to move hostels back to our favourite Global Palace in the center of town!

Just when we thought we were going ot have a quiet evening we ran into a friend of ours who persuaded us to go on a pub crawl! Seeing as we had only 2 nights left we thought why not! Had an enjoyable evening, I ended up winning a bungy jump because I was forced to take part in a game played at one of the clubs. Unfortunately because we were leaving on friday I wasn’t going to get the chance to do it (plus we’re saving ourselves for the 134m bungy in NZ ahhhhh) anyway I managed to sell it for $60 so that was cool!

On thursday we had a nice lie, did our last trip to the shopping mall, went to the lagoon and had a relaxing day!  Popped out in the evening for a boogey and said goodbye to our friends but generally had an early night ready for our flight the next day!



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