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Back in Cairns—Great Barrier reef!!!

So this is our last week in Cairns as we leave for Sydney on Friday 23rd April.

So far we havn’t really done much. We’ve been to the cinema when it was raining, gone to the night market and had a nice massage! Had lots of lie ins, been shopping, done the laundry, and gone out in the evenings. Nothing too exciting until yesterday!!!

Diving on the great barrier reef was one of the best days travelling! Had to get a bus to the marina at 7 and then boarded our boat called Ocean Freedom. The crew were lovely and made us all feel comfortable! On the way out to the reef I was very very sea sick. It was awful! But as soon as we stopped got chnged and got in the water I felt fine!

Then it was our turn to dive!!! We were put in pairs and had an instructor whose hand we had to hold and then he guided us around! Was amazing, saw loads of schools of fish, got to touch all the soft corals, saw a sleeping shark and Nemo! Had about 30mins and then started to get cold but by that time we were going back up to the boat!

Then we had lunch although I didn’t really eat much as I didn’t want to risk it so just picked at some bread etc. Was very good food though. Alice and Mikaela had platefuls! We moved onto the second bay where we all got inot a glass bottomed boat and ferried over to a tiny sand island. Literally a lump of sand in the middle of the sea. We went on a snorkel tour which was fun but half way through got called ot do our second dive but didn’t mind!

Our second dive was even better than the first. our guide Chris said that if we could complete 2 skills we could swim around on our own rather than hold his hands. So we just had to show him how to clear the mask and remove the regulator without panicking which was fine! This time we didn’t get cold and enjoyed loads more coral and fish etc. Oh and we saw a stingray, tried to feed it some chicken but some other big fish came along and ate it! We also remembered to take our underwater camera we’d hired with us so have thousands of coral photos including nemo!

After our second dive we were given cake and cheese and drinks then made our way back to the Marina! Thought the boat we went on and the crew were fantastic. Was definitely one of the best days we’ve had and has made me want to do a refresher course to get my qualification back!!!

We were pretty shattered when we got back so went for a roast and to the market then had an early night!!



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  1. Pity that you were seasick on the way out to the Great Barrier Reef, but glad that you recovered so quickly & were able to enjoy your diving. Sounds as if it was a wonderful never to be forgotten experience; glad that you were able to take some pictures.
    Note that you are leaving to return to Sydney on Friday 23rd. How long is that going to take I wonder, but no doubt you’ll continue to enjoy yourselves. At least you have escaped any problems relating to volcanic dust fallout!!We gather from Mum that Oliver is still stuck in Miami, still there are far worse places in which to be marooned!!
    Love from us both
    Grandpa Lang

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