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Surfers Paradise…

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Well we’ve had a long week in surfers paradise, which ideally we would have stayed in Byron instead but we couldn’t due to buses not running on certain days etc etc.

Anyway what have we been up to. On tuesday we went to Dreamworld. A big theme park here. It was a gorgeous day and we (Al, Mikaela, Jenni and myself) had great fun (apart from I did feel really sick after a couple of the rides due to too much spinning!) There was 6 main rides, one of which was called the tower of terror which was so high, and one called the giant drop, like detonator but way higher and then suspend you at the top for ages building up the anticipation! Was good fun though. They had a wildlife experience which you walked round and we saw dingos, koalas, kangaroos (which I got to stroke) and wombats. Had a good day, despite the amount of sweating we did due to the heat!!!

Wednesday it was raining, like much of the rest of the week, so we did our laundry (again a success, we’re getting the hang of it now) and went shopping. We’d signed on to do this pub crawl and decided we all needed a new outfit. Gave ourselves a $20 budget which I think I was the only one to stick to :p! The pub crawl started ridiculously early, at 5 and at first we thought it was going to be rubbish but as the night got going it turned out we all had lots of fun. Theres like one strip where all the clubs are so we just hopped from one to the next every hour or so. They had a few party games which were fun and pizza and then at 11.30 they leave you in the last bar and you can dance the night away. Next morning we all felt a little fragile but a good old cooked breakfast sorted us out. Due to the rain though we had a lazy day in our hostel watching tv and reading and in the evening went for a nice curry round the corner.

Surfers paradise is very much party party party, its the vegas of australia and we noticed when we were on our pub crawl that there were a lot of ozzys on holiday there. Unfortunately we just weren’t in the mood to go out every night so the next night we cooked and had a girly night. Finally on Friday we got to see the beach, but after an hour or so it started to rain so we had to abort and hit the pool back at the hostel instead. Again we were just not up for going out so stayed in to pack and watched dreamgirls and coyote ugly.

Today we made it Brisbane. Have done a lot of walking (wearing my new flip flops was a bad idea as the blisters aren’t fun) over to south bank and back, looked in a museum and then went to the supermarket to buy dinner. We might be going out tonight on another pub crawl (they’re always the best way to get to see all the bars without getting lost, and it turns out cheaper) but we haven’t decided yet. Only in Brisbane till Monday morning…my BIRTHDAY!! when we travel up to Noosa. Supposed to be nice there, and on tuesday we’re going to Australia Zoo, WOO!

Will leave it there for now. Speak soon.

Holly xxx

Welcome to the Gold Coast!

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Surfers Paridise is where we are now. In a lovely hostel attached to a hotel with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, although we haven’t checked in yet because our room isnt ready.

Anyway back to where we were last time. We had the absolute weirdest day so far on this trip on friday. Went to the hippy town called nimbin where everyone is a hippy (obviously) we were there for about an hour and a half and it was one of the slowest hours and a half ever, we just didn’t like it. It stank of weed even though its illegal and we just weren’t too keen. We left nimbin after lunch and went on a drive through this rainforest and stopped at this other freaky guy called Pauls house who was short, hariy and his jeans had no flies on his jeans…you could see everything! We had to walk around this swamp, which was kinda pretty, to a little hut and eat macadania nuts and melon then walk back to the bus. It was all just very random and the whole time we were thinking what are we doing here. The only good stop we made was the next one to see Minyon falls which was a very pretty waterfall 120metres high and it made us think about when we do our bungee jump in NZ and how scared we are gonna be!

Anyway we got home from this freaky tour at around 6 and had a BBQ in our hostel then we went out to a bar called the beach hotel which was fun got back around 12 and relaxed in our garden, star gazing!

Next day, saturday we spent the day on the lovely beach, although it did start to pour with rain so we had to take cover for half an hour but after that it was gorgeous. The sea was lavly although the current was very strong!!!! At about 6 we went home, cooked our tea of pasta and a sauce again, watched the film never been kissed. It was our friend Helen’s birthday so we had a mini surprise party for her, then went round to her apartment for a few drinks. After a couple of hours, a few of us decided to go star gazing on the beach. Had a little skinny dip in the sea, which was hilarious and weirdly warm and then when we were walking back it absolutely poured with rain so we were soaked! But we didn’t really care.

On sunday, our 2 guy friends from our apartment left for surfers paradise so, Alice, Mikaela and myself thought we’d go shopping but we were very good and refrained from buying anything then went to the beach for a fews hours. Have to say the tan is coming a long now that it’s stopped raining so much 🙂 When we got back from the beach our roomie Ben who works at the hostel and loads of others were playing a game of beersby. Which is frisbee with a difference. 2 teams, 2 sticks 2 cans and beer. Hard to explain but it was a good laugh, even though we were the only girls playing and the guys were very serious about it!!! After the game we ate pizza and packed and we were in bed by 11.

Now afetr the shortest bus journey yet we are in Surfers. Byron was awesome we could have stayed longer but it’s fun to keep moving. Only problem is that i’ve never gotten so many bites in such a short time in my life. I literally have them all down my legs, arms, back and neck its so annoying, and really very attractive, NOT! We think the beds had bed bugs, combined with the mosquiotos just meant we got biten! A lot.

Anyway we have just booked up the next 2 months of our trip all the way up to Cairns, including Whitsunday Island, Fraser Island, Magnetic Island, rainbow beach, Noosa, Surfing lesson again, dolphin feeding and loads more so we’ve got a day by day plan of where we’ll be when now which is fun!

Off to go and see if our room is ready now and then jump straight in that pool.

Catch ya later.

Holly xxx

Next leg of the journey to Byron Bay!

Thursday, February 18th, 2010
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Still in Sydney

Monday, February 15th, 2010
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Sydney Sydney Sydney-2

Saturday, February 13th, 2010
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Sydney Sydney Sydney

Friday, February 12th, 2010
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Woo for Melbourne

Saturday, February 6th, 2010
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We’re only in Hong Kong

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010
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