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No Vacancy at the Hotel de Ville

It didn’t take us long in France to realize that some of the words which look familiar  in English actually mean something else.  Take the “Hotel de Ville” that seems to be conveniently located right in the center of every town, for example.  It’s not a French version of the Motel 6 chain (that’s Ibis, by the way), but it’s the town hall. 

We’ve been learning a lot of other new terms as we make our way North.  Our first stop was St. Emilion in Bordeaux and the next, Cognac.  After a few long days of driving we arrived our home for the rest of the week, the Loire Valley.  Since the “Hotel” doesn’t actually have rooms for rent, we opted for a better French tradition, the gite.  Here’s our cottage in the countryside:


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  1. Avun Says:

    Ah! An interesting concept. I looked it up. Was yours a “Gite Rural “?

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