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That’s short for Great Barrier Reef in case you were wondering. We went on a snorkel trip today at two spots on the reef. While I’m not a big fan of touristy packages, it was really nice to have everything taken care of today from lunch to the wetsuits. After days of planning things on our own, a mental break was just in time.

The reef itself was beautiful. I think we’ve seen more fish at some other snorkeling spots in the islands, but the coral is in a class by itself. It’s more colorful, in more shapes, and more “alive” than I’ve ever seen before. We visited two sites, Hastings Reef and Long Bommie. Can’t wait to go again next week!.


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  1. Suzanne Says:

    Now I’m really envious! I still remember snorkeling when we went on the sailing trip in 1999 (could it have really been almost 10 years ago??). To me, that was heaven! Just drifting along looking at all the life under the sea (and the occasional poop floating by). If I could do it all over again, I’d be a marine biologist. I’d love to see some more pictures!

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  3. Suzanne Says:

    Okay — ignore that comment about the pictures. I noticed them after the fact in your photo gallery. Awesome, dudes!

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