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January 19, 2005

More Bangkok!

What? IT's the third day in Bangkok and I haven't done anything yet?

Yeah, man. pretty much 3 days of just wandering the immediate areas and getting a feel of the place.
So the night before this day (?) I met a couple of nice girls from England, who told me of a great way to get into the city centre, to catch all the tourist attractions. "greyt!" said I and this day was the day.
I set off from the hostel pretty early, and walked myself into four dead end streets before finding the bridge I wanted...At the end of each of these dead end streets there were at least three or so lovely Thai people vying for my attention, the reason being I'm sure that I was mistaken for a wealthy, handsome movie star. At least I think that's what they were telling me.
So I found the bridge, crossed, as per directions given, I turned left at the first available alley, and then turned again sideways so I could fit. The alley was littered with litters of puppies and their mothers whining and staring and piddling at me as I passed. I remember a smell of urine, curry, and jasmine. At the end I could see a dank, green, filmy canal. Sewage I assumed. Ahhh, but I was right, at least as far as I could discern from the smell... The alley ended abruptly at a small dock-looking thing, from where I knew - thanks again you lovely british gels - I was supposed to jump onto the boat.
The girls had explained this part in a flurry of laughter and hand gestures...Apparently this was the best part of the ride, boarding the boat that was to take me all the way to the city center for only 8 baht. I assumed that it was an akward boarding at the least, and prepared myself to be humiliated in some way. I was really ready when it came.
It was Hauling ass, man. seriously. Hauling ass like a hick on bud-light, it was bearing down on the dock at ramming speed. I remember thinking that there was no way that the dude was going to be able to stop for me.
Ahhhh, right. (cue the little light bulb). "Jump," they said. I had to jump on as it was going by.
Now, I'm a pretty athletic guy, in my mind, but traveling can take it out of you, especially when combined with crappy asian beer. I made it, but it was not pretty. Most everyone on the boat was politely giggling with their hands over their mouths, which is pretty close to riotous laughter for those of you unfamiliar with Asian culture. So anyway, I made it and off I was to experience all that is Bangkok's city center!

Posted by Colin on January 19, 2005 11:52 AM
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