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Not a Very Merry Ferry Experience

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Written at 8:07PM on 9-28-06, in the Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Italy

We awoke, or rather I should say, I awoke to another stormy morning in Corfu, Greece. I say I awoke because Jacob had gotten up about three hours earlier, whereas I slept in until roughly 12:30PM. (This was on account of staying up until about 3:30AM). Throughout the night I’d heard indications that the storm had not abated, but I was unready for the torrent that confronted me outside. Sidewalks flooded, rain pouring off the canopies, and heavy sheets of rain pressing inward against the windows. What an irony that Greece should have been the sunniest place I went to and was instead the rainiest!
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A Not-So-Hostel Life

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Written at 11:53 PM in Corfu, Greece

In my last blog, I don’t think I quite did the Sunrock Hostel justice. I was tired of writing and describing it was kind of an after thought. In this hostel, I have only a day’s worth of experiences to write about, so perhaps I can adequately express the coolness of this place. [read on]

Greece Makes It All Better

Monday, September 25th, 2006
Written at 5:45PM, 9-25-06 in Corfu, Greece The ferry trip was not all bad, but it was mostly bad. I think Jacob had the worse time. Allow me to explain. Because our ticket was free through Eurail (although we still paid 24 ... [Continue reading this entry]