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Out of Vienna, On to Prague

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Written at 9:00 PM on 10-10-06 in Prague, Czech Republic

My second day in Vienna can be quite easily summed up. Nothing really happened. I got up at about 9:00, showered, and headed to the nearby camera and macintosh store to check out the prices of power converters. Eighty euros later, I had a working power adapter for my computer that wouldn’t send out sparks. It was a painful expense, but a necessary one. I still have three weeks left in my trip, much of which will be spent writing (this is the relax-in-coffee shop part of my trip) and I would have to buy a new adapter when I returned. That’s just how it goes.
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Viva Vienna

Monday, October 9th, 2006

Written at 9:33 PM on 10-8-06 in Vienna, Austria

After two days of sightseeing in Rome, I’d had enough. It wasn’t that the sights weren’t amazing—they were. It wasn’t that there wasn’t more to see—there was. It wasn’t that I accidentally caused a fender bender while crossing at a crosswalk—I did. No, I just wanted to relax and take a break from museums. There’s only so much you can see—so many pictures of the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus or Christ on the cross—before your eyes start to glaze over and you stop appreciating the art and beauty of what’s around you.
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