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Im Back!!!!

Well guys I’m swinging back to the US for a long layover to visit one of my college friends. The next couple of posts will be recaps of Nicaragua.

A\If some of you didn’t know, Ortega was re-elected as Nicaragua’s president. He is well known in the civil war the ravaged the country in the 80′s. The people I talked to are cautionsly optimistic while some are exicted. I guess a wait and see approach will have to take place. Here is a road sign left from the election(I think it’s weird the party’s color is pink):

Ortega blog.jpg

As my sis said “Who know a bycycle could be a family car!!”  I’ve seen four people on one bike!!  One on the handlebars, 1 on the crossbar, 1 on the seat and one in the rear.  Even though I could get the on film…here is a two seater:

bike blog.JPG

Speaking of transportation, they use our school buses and transportation between cities.  Don’t get it twisted there are nicer buses for longer trips, but this is the norm for 1-2 hour jaunts.  They paint them fancy colors, throw some rims on and roll out:

bus blog.JPG


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  1. assia says:

    Transportation is transportation. Better than walking.

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