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Best party ever!

It may not look like it, but this was one of the best parties I’ve been to in ages. Gustavo’s daughter is celebrating her graduation in elementary school. Gustavo’s the community leader in Las Minitas and responsible for lobbying for the full-time teacher there
First ever.
We had the ceremony in the old “school” – the last thing ever held there, as its knocked down and replaced with a brick schoo…l we all helped them create…. everyone was at the party. We were welcomed in as them, not as bystanders. with little, they created so much, mostly by hand. After a while, they hoisted the table here on their heads and walked it outside so it was an empty room and we all danced …. I hardly sat down.
In between “cumbia” rounds, I gazed up into the night sky, with no lights anywhere, watched Orion, and relished the amazing moments and connections life gives us when we are willing to put ourselves out there and look.


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  1. Kara Walsh says:

    I love this story. What a difference Gustavo is making in the life of his daughter, and his whole community. Her graduation deserves a party – how great that you were there for it!

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