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Angkor dawn, Ta Phrom, Bayon

angkor dawn

5 a.m. – my moto driver Tana, picked me up and we rode in the dark to Angkor Wat.  in pre-dawn light – trying to take it all in – i walked across the causeway, past the crowds waiting for sunrise and on – into the depths of Angkor.  followed the song – to find one man chanting – crouched in prayer at the altar – incense burning, and stopped to listen as time stood still.  walked on – the silence, magic.

angkor corridor

angkor is so impressive, and huge.  worth waiting for but don’t wait too long.  so many temples – melting in the heat – dissolving in the rain – crumbling beauty .  if there is one place i will always be glad i saw – this is it.  but words cannot describe.  and photos do not capture.  just go.

how long

and then – dream on.

so long


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