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“If you meet the Buddha …”

Friday, March 6th, 2009

on the road


Buddha who ???

march 6th already.  not long now – i’ll be back in the cold north strong and free.  have spent the past several weeks – mostly in the company of family.  i have not had time on the internet – to upload photos – or time to blog – etc.  so i now take this opportunity – to thank everyone in australia for any and all kindness and support.  such things are important to me now – having lost all interest in those shallow games of one-upmanship that seem to dominate so much of life.  just do not have the patience and energy for those games anymore.  maybe i never did. 

have found a nice quiet corner of this country to relax in – to tune into my tired body and mind – and recharge.  favorite music – healthy food and good thoughts – and rest.  unlike some who just seem to be able to go and go and go – i find myself to be pretty high maintenance and so – time now for some TLC.  best wishes to anyone who might read this.  life is not easy and they say that it was not meant to be.  we are all – slip sliding away.  take the time to love yourself.  feed your mind – feed your soul.  care for yourself and those around you – let them care for you.  life is sweet – it’s just way too short.

everyone has different tastes in music.  but i think i will paste a link here – to one of my personal favorites – just because.  i have always loved ‘the blues’ – in many forms.

it has always fascinated me that often – those people of great talent and fame and often beauty as well – have the ability to touch so many people so deeply – with their art.  and so many people – therefore – assume that these talented individuals must be just so amazing to meet and to know.  but often that is not the case.  and i have often wondered why.  is it because they pour so much of themselves into developing their talent that there is little of them left over for the normal things in life – like honest relationships, compassion, etc.  is it that you just have to ‘get crazy’ before you can really tune into your artistic side?  who knows.  there so often seems to be such a disconnect between their lives and their art. 

having recently read the autobiography of eric clapton – and found indeed that his personal life has always been so very messed up – and that he comes across in his book as quite shallow – i am even more amazed at the depth of the beautiful music that comes out of this man.  go figure.