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Bull Nose reno’

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Bullnose cottage under renovation

in Canberra now, visiting the ‘rel’s’.  its good to see everyone once again.  i always enjoy my time here.  and – as last year – i joined the excursion to a small town in the central west of New South Wales, to help out with the renovations on an older ‘Bull-Nose cottage’, so-called because of the shape of the roof on the front veranda.  it’s an ongoing project – a work in progress – no rush to complete.  it was time to enjoy camping out in the cottage at night, doing a lot of  ‘hard yakka’ in the heat of the day (or a little – in my lazy case) and drinking lots of cool beer during the smoko’s.

this will all change - a lovely pergola to be added on

this rear view will all be changed – with a wrap-around pergola.  the town is very small and the surrounding area is a fertile flood plain.  there are several rivers – now mostly dammed – so that the water release is managed – in order to provide irrigation for the many food crops grown on the land.  some good swimming holes around in the rivers as well – so we enjoyed that !

in the river - is how to cool down on a hot day in oz !

it was fun – and great to see the place ‘coming together’.  a great experience – a real slice of ‘Oz’.  oh yes – and don’t forget that gorgeous dog – such good company.  gotta have a dog!!

gotta have a dog !

Thanks for a very lovely time !


Adelaide dreamin’

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Library - Adelaide

hanging out in Adelaide – summer days rollin’ by.  time to take it easy and catch my breath.  wifi in the State Library.  a beautiful place to chill.  lots of travellers here – quietly doing their thing on the net.  its very peaceful and conducive to reflection – it seems to be the place for me right now.  having fun doing nothing much – rediscovering all my old favorites on You Tube.

space - lots of space

have seen very little of Adelaide but i can say – it has the best Oz hostel i have stayed in – ‘Backpack Oz and the Guest House’.  Adelaide has the friendliest people ever – and they all love their city.  lots of interesting architecture – both new and old.  wide streets.  somehow very laid back.

in the botanical gardens

most backpackers check in to catch the tour to Kangaroo Island for a few days – then check back in before heading to the Outback.  it seems very few actually come to see Adelaide.  from my perspective – its a great place to chill out for awhile. 

sidewalk cafe

summertime.  its hot – peaceful – friendly – neat and clean – and very laid back.  so if you’re not looking for exciting times – you might enjoy it too.

old and new


Adelaide bike tour

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

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