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Island time with Tasia and Angie and Chelsy

Tasia and Angie have joined our travels for a couple weeks and it is great!!! They got in and we spent one day in Bangkok. We met Joe and jib for lunch, took a ferry over to wat arun the temple of the dawn, then went down to khao sun road to shop at the markets until we headed to the airport for a flight to Phuket. When we arrived in Phuket we were trying to arrange a taxi to our hostel and the driver told us 20 baht each. When we got to the hotel we had quite a disagreement because he said it was 200 baht each. A slight lurks bump in the road but we stood our ground and we won!!! The next morning we got up and headed to the ferry for koh phi phi island. It
is beautiful here- paradise- but so expensive ecause it’s touristy. We
are staying at a resort at the top of a hill near long beach with a great view over the island for breakfast and some dinners. You take longtail boats to get most places on the island so that fun too. Our first day we went out snorkeling and went to some smaller islands near here… All beautiful! We had a great time all day snorkeling in different spots and enjoying the fish! All was going smoothly until we hopped in and were surrounded by jellyfish that started stinging
us…. It was too bad they were little but we couldn’t get out of the
water fast enough because we were all dying with laughter at Tasia
who was laughing and yelling and crying at the same time!
The next day we decided we would try out diving! Chelsy decided it wasnt for her but the rest of us learned all kinds of skills and saw amazing fish and beautiful coral and we were all hooked! So Tasia, Angie and I went through the course and did 5 dives ad now were all open water certified!!! Our instructor Jaime is from Scotland and not bad on the eyes either! We had so much fun and I’m excited to do more dives while here!!! Basically we have had a great time here, enjoying the nightlife, the diving and the beautiful beaches and scenery! But it is good to leave as my bank account is suffering from this tourist island!

Sum and chels: you know you’re good friends when you share underwear, deodorant and chopstick! 

Feb. 6:
Tasia: you’re so smart summit
Summer: did you just call me summit??
Angie: yes, yes that did just happen
Summer: I am not your dog

Chelsy: I wish they would have made Ronald mcdonalds eyes slanted

Tasia: I have a Valium this could be a real party on the beach
Angie: oh yeah one Valium, real fun
Tasia: you can all take turns licking it

Feb. 7:
Chelsy: Chang me…. Or you got changed

Summer: hey Chelsy
Chelsy: nobody has it better than us

Chelsy: what do you suck at?? I suck at drinking…. Why do you do it? Practice!

Angie: f*** putting a top on, I might sleep topless, will that freak you out??
Chelsy: nah, I sleep with my eyes closed, well be good! 

Tasia: where’d he go?? Did he just evaporate out of that room? 
Angie: yes….. Cause he’s Scottish and that’s what Scottish men do

Tasia: crying
Chin (snorkeling guide): I don’t know… Funny or you hurt??

Tasia: were gonna ride monkeys! 
Everyone else: (laughing) what??
Tasia: oops I mean elephants

Angie: now I got my white swimsuit on! Haha! 

All: this place is so ugly, let’s just go back to Bangkok

Chelsy: 300 baht and I drive (while trying to bargain down a long tail boat


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