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Bad Nuts

[No pics, I’m in a rush and the net is shaky. Forgive lousy editing]

My budget is looking good. In fourteen days I’ve spent exactly 3000TT, but I expect things to get more exensive this weekend and when I’m going to Trinidad.

The plan for the weekend is to go back to Crown Point, because I don’t think staying in Scarborough is a good idea. I want to check in straight to the Surfside Hotel (if they have room) or another place near the airport, but I’ll be lucky to get somewhere for 30US a night. Then on Sunday—my last day on Tobago—I’m going to take a bloody glass bottom tour. I want to see for myself that there is coral here, and that seems to be the only way. If it wasn’t a Sunday, I might have gone to Buccoo, which was the nicest place I’ve stayed. If you walk about two-thirds around the bay, you should come to the reef. But I didn’t want to do Sunday School again; it wouldn’t be the same.

Apparently, people have been coming to my place. A man I don’t remember meeting before said that he was there at two yesterday, asking me out for a Christmas drink. He seemed nice enough, but I was either walking around the town around then or hiding behind the balcony. I wish I could have done the same this morning when I ended up blowing off some bloke—nearly calling him a fucker—on the way to the internet shack. The place was open, but there was no connection.

“You keep open on Christmas?” I marvelled. “You should be celebrating with your families.”

“That’s why we try to keep open,” said the man who was fiddling with the computers. I hadn’t seen him before.

I tried again an hour later, but by then the only machine that was connected was hogged by a bloke trying to upload fifty photos. He assured me that he would be there for most of the day. He gave me space to send a message, but I couldn’t fit my USB drive over his, and I couldn’t connect the EeePC due to router problems. I said I’d come back later, but I was annoyed. Even on snap-happy days I rarely upload more than a dozen pictures, and uploading pictures doesn’t take precedence over other people’s internet business. If there’s a queue, I leave when my hour is up. What gives him the right?

Anyway, I still have the bank and my troubles with Virgin Airlines to deal with, both have to be taken care of ASAP. I also have multiple blog entries and drafts to upload.

I went up the beach for a cigarette. The water was churning, but with the bars closed the bums had left. One of the more civilised people I’d met there on Sunday passed by and asked me how my Christmas was. Most men here are perfectly OK, but it only takes a few bad nuts to spoil everything. The bad ones always dominate.

I’ll be glad to get away from here tomorrow.

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